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Play Action Dimension (Power Paintball) Action Dimension (Power Paintball) Dec. 31, 2013
Hey guys! We finally launched AD on Kongregate. Some players from Kongregate might remember Power Paintball, the realtime multiplayer paintball game, which is now included to this game. Try it out, let us know about what you would like to see in the game. If you know us, you'll know that we add all the logical feature requests coming from our players. Also, if you like it please give it a nice rating, it will motivate us to add more stuff to the game. And if you plan to give a bad rating, please let us know why first, we'd love to improve the game depending on your feedback. ^_^
Play Power Paintball Power Paintball Dec. 31, 2013
Hey guys. Everything you wanted (shop, kong integration etc) is now added to the game. Search "Action Dimension" in kongregate, it's our virtual world with Power Paintball in it. :)
Play Pocket Fleet Pocket Fleet Oct. 10, 2013
Please Read: Before rating the game, please keep in mind that the game is still actively being improved. If you plan to give a negative rating for some reason, please consider giving us a feedback about the experience you had with the game first. We're eager to make Pocket Fleet better. On the other hand, if you plan to give a positive feedback, just do it. It will motivate us to work even harder!
Play Pocket Fleet Pocket Fleet Oct. 05, 2013
Hey Guys, the game is still under development and we release regular updates. So, tell us your suggestions and ideas about the game ^^
Play Power Paintball Power Paintball Nov. 21, 2011
Dear Power Paintball players, We have originally meant to keep this version online for a short time, but since lots of people liked it, we have decided to leave it online longer. Since this version has spread to web a lot, it has become a hard thing to manage and update it. Also, we can not manage with the swearing thing going on from troll players logging in from here and other gaming websites. They are ruining the game for our players in our platform. Therefore, we are taking this version down. Although, you can still play it on www.actiondimension.com with all the armor, item and weapons you can buy to make the game more fun. We hope you will understand. Cheers, Odcaf Team
Play Power Paintball Power Paintball Oct. 11, 2010
Guys there already is a shop and inventory system with more weapons on Sportsbook. Go and play it there instead of suggesting those features. We will not be able to add them here, since we can not manage nor update a system with multiple saving features on multiple platforms.
Play Power Paintball Power Paintball Oct. 10, 2010
Sorry about the downtime guys, the game is back up.