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Which is stronger light or darkness?

Look into the night sky and see how far light penetrates the darkness.

Why is light counted as good and darkness as evil?

The light shines and cares nothing about its activities. The darkness caries on it’s activities in secrecy.

Didn’t darkness exist before light?

There was always something and it did not come from nothing. Since life was brought into being, we call this God and Creator.

You are making a huge leap from light to God and there is darkness all around much more than light to use your example.

God is a Spirit not a physical being and observable as we look with our natural eyes.
We were all born into sin which is less than the purity God had originally intended. We are free willed beings to pursue and reason as we desire. If you are not in the light and pursuing God then you are operating in darkness.

Why are you bringing religion into this?

I’m presenting facts and making a case you can see God through his works. It isn’t religion until you make a ritual the focus.

Why do Christians say “It’s all in the Bible”
to prove everything?

The Bible has been written by man at the direction of God. It should be used as a tool for wisdom, truth, and living. It answers where we came from and what God is about.
The more it is researched the more is revealed.

Are you saying the other religions and studies are false?

They are either a mix of truth and lies or completely false in their virtues and pursuits. Man cannot create nor improve itself in self pursuits or a ’higher consciousness. What does benefit mankind is the gift of eternal life and a better life on Earth until we physically die, which everyone must eventually do. Until then we are to proclaim Jesus is the way the truth and the light to salvation and will forgive us if we ask, of being born into darkness and being opposed to Him. Christians live for the message of love and sacrifice to reveal the gospel of Christ and message of forgiveness of sin and transgression.

Everything to know is in the Bible and Christians?

No. There is far more unknown then known. You can know what you don’t know, but there is far more what you don’t know you don’t know then what you can know. Make the what you know more important then that which you don’t know that you know is the best you can know. That is the pursuit of wisdom. The truth never changes, facts stand the test of time. Lies and deceit only lasts as long as it is tolerated.

How can I find God and Jesus today?

Simply by wanting to. Reach out in thought and ask the questions you want to ask. He will reveal Himself.

There is more there always is…


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