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Play Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Complete 2 Apr. 16, 2011
The Heart Rate upgrade... God I laughed. First I shat myself. But then I laughed.
Play Project: Princess Project: Princess Oct. 30, 2010
Science classes... With Gordon Freeman... Who doesn't talk... Well played, i say.
Play Reincarnation:  All Hallow's Evil Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil Oct. 30, 2010
Mustard gas? Really?
Play Creative Kill Chamber Creative Kill Chamber Oct. 06, 2010
That music loop sounds familiar, now where have i heard it before....?
Play Heir Heir Aug. 25, 2010
4/5 for the game, but because this is basically one big tribute to Shadow of the Collossus, this just has to be put in my favorites... AWESOME!
Play Neon Rider Neon Rider Jun. 09, 2010
This is cool! 4/5
Play William and Sly William and Sly Jun. 08, 2010
Absolutely beautiful game, with an absolutely stunning soundtrack. The boss is challenging, without being too hard, and the game is very relaxing when you're just roaming around the map. 5/5, fav'd.
Play Sonny Sonny May. 22, 2010
@Jijij2 You have your opinion, and i have mine. When you killed the boss (The Baron?) you were probably affected by a de-buff that drained your health (Tick-Tock) and if it killed you, it's game over. The game ends when Sonny dies, even if he dies after the enemy is dead. Poisons, wounds ect. still affect you after he is dead. He attacks you twice per turn, because he is twice as fast as you, which makes perfect sense in my ears. I can't do anything about what you bought but games have bugs, and that's a fact. You do know that there is a whole genre build up around this type of game right? Real time would be awesome, but for most rpg's that is really hard to do. As said before, your opinion is yours, and my opinion is mine, but most of those "bugs" aren't flaws, but game design.
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Apr. 14, 2010
Made a decease that causes zombie outbreaks... (Boils, Necrosis, Depression, Insanity, Heart Failure)
Play You are a... You are a... Mar. 26, 2010
I'm a striped elephant who likes to hug seaweed....?
Play Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Jan. 30, 2010
Epic nostalgia is epic
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Play Puppet Wars Puppet Wars Jan. 23, 2010
@ DarkAlexander thats because you sell your stuff at full price when yo buy something new
Play Sonny 2 Sonny 2 Jan. 16, 2010
@yenithia: The game ends if you die... You can't revive yourself... It doesn't matter wether it's before or after the battle...
Play REPLAYING :the game: REPLAYING :the game: Jan. 15, 2010
:The *Beep* Game: returns... Yes!
Play The Company of Myself The Company of Myself Dec. 18, 2009
D'aww... i can't really *sob* remember any games wich makes me feel sorry for the character when i win... *sob* 5/5, insta-fav...
Play Survival Lab Survival Lab Dec. 18, 2009
indless bullet dodging ftmfw
Play Learn to Fly Learn to Fly Nov. 21, 2009
Lowest altitude record...? Mine is -42.3
Play Copy Cat Copy Cat Nov. 18, 2009
Actually i've been wanting to hear the full tune for quite some time now... Awesome
Play Copy Cat Copy Cat Nov. 18, 2009
And yet nobody notices the music... "They call me Sonny"