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    Jul. 30, 2011

Kaen no Mai
god bless
I was like, oh I miss Nick and Kat and other old friends.
And then I realized how none of them probably even remember me.
Hello there.
I’m a ‘forgotten’ Old Reg at the following rooms (In order of which ones I got reg status first):
Dragon’s Cave.
Achievement Addicts Anonymous.
Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a 24/7 asshole, and I will be nice to you, but I’m not going to hide or lie about your stupid as fucking hell decisions that may or may not make you look retarded.
Don’t insult my friends.
One of my hobbies are drawing – I’ll usually put my works as my profile picture, but it’s going to be pretty rare because -
45% of the time I have inspiration but no motivation,
45% of the time I have motivation but no inspiration,
10% of the time I just cant be fucked to draw.
Wise Words from Clams
Crams: Follow the bouncing smiley face and swing along.
Crams: Aaaaaaaaasterisks don’t have a place
Crams: They are bad and they make me sad face.
Crams: If you use ’em. you do ab-use them!
Crams: So go suck a dick

I have no fuckin idea why this is here but I just read it over and some of them are rather funny so.
Origina15: so then i guess you like…
lunny2: no
lunny2: NO
Origina15: your family?
lunny2: NOPE
Kunosachiaka: LOL
bleedingmoon412: Dink if you see Zoey will you her I had to go please?
DinkDumper: werd moon
Origina15: ill make sure to tell zoey that you dont like her any more moon
bleedingmoon412: Thank You
Origina15: no problem
Origina15: “timing”
DinkDumper: I kicked ass in debate and I’ve had NO outlet for those instincts since then.
Origina15: >debate
Origina15: debating skills on internet
Origina15: ok.
dasaintmac: hahahhahahah
DinkDumper: So, white knight complex takes over.
DinkDumper: I say instincts you say skill.
Origina15: yes
Origina15: is there a problem with that
dasaintmac: you say instincts i see autism
Origina15: ahahahah
Origina15: laughing too hard at that
Toast22A: Tell him he’s missing Fabletop night
LordSwaggNugget: He was quite good at it,but I always found a way to beat him.
LordSwaggNugget: And what’s “Fabletop”?
nealon: www.fabletop.com
Origina15: shut up you rock melon
Origina15: i bet you kiss girls
batias: Fabletop is when a group of men get together and watch porn
Quintar: I do kiss girls.
nealon: ^
Origina15: nealon you what
Origina15: you’re lesbian?
Origina15: congratulations!
nealon: …
Toast22A: no
Toast22A: nelon is anon
nealon: I just missed the timing.
Toast22A: she is neither
Toast22A: nor is she both
nealon: Y u do this.
Origina15: ‘timing’

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