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Play Edmus Edmus Jul. 11, 2011
I am just waiting for the day when I absentmindedly click play, and see a whole bunch of hatted Edmuses rise up from the bottom of the screen. That'll be the day.
Play Edmus Edmus May. 28, 2011
If you haven't gotten past the loading screen, please don't rate the game down just because you couldn't play it. After all, you couldn't play it, so how would you know if it truly deserved such a poor rating?
Play Edmus Edmus May. 27, 2011
One of the things I enjoy about this game is that the population tends not to drop off all at one point, but gradually over the course of the stage. It is really cool to see that such a simple game provides such a textured and individual challenge.
Play Edmus Edmus May. 26, 2011
Guys, its because the servers are full. If you cannot get past the trees, the servers are full. We just have to wait.
Play Freedom Bridge Freedom Bridge Apr. 22, 2011
+ if Extra Credits brought you here!
Play Freedom Bridge Freedom Bridge Apr. 22, 2011
I think it would have been better off without making a clear message, but that truly was fascinating and very moving. The final shot was genuinely moving, something about the struggle could be felt in the increasingly slow movements and growing blood
Play Rebuild Rebuild Apr. 15, 2011
I swear, if 30% chance of being overrun actually meant 30% chance of being overrun/killed this game would be half as hard. Instead 30% probably means someone is gonna end up six feet under. 50% means you are 100% screwed.
Play Quietus Quietus Feb. 21, 2011
Well, it was really nice of the devil to give you infinite lives to run the gauntlet.
Play Loved Loved Jun. 21, 2010
The next question is: Was all that necessary? To which I say, Hell yes.
Play Loved Loved Jun. 21, 2010
This is a great game in my opinion, but it is clearly a philosophical game, and one for a more heady person. If you are so busy you have no time to waste with a poorly designed game (in which case you really shouldn't even be playing flash games) then don't play it. If you dislike platformers or want a more challenging and long experience then don't play it. Always keep in mind that the author brands it not as a "game" but as a "story". It isn't a game for everybody, it never will be, so it would be mature, at this point, to stop voting down opposing opinions and to stop bashing people who like it as "lonely teenagers" because they prefer something of a more thought provoking variety. This game is laughably controversial and for what seems like little reason. You love it or you hate it (super ironically given the game's content, which in my mind sort of makes the game's impact more brilliant that the game) but you don't need to hate those who don't love it or vice versa.
Play Loved Loved Jun. 21, 2010
Yes its sloppy, but not worth a one. Yes it is a platformer and therefore requires you have skill in platforming, but if you don't play or like platformers, then you probably shouldn't play this game and look for a story synopsis if you are really that interested. As a game there is no reason to loathe it. Yes, there are reasons to dislike it, but all this crap about it being pretentious and horrible and emo and eye hurting is just whining.
Play Loved Loved Jun. 21, 2010
It really is not hard to find a flash game that is well designed and suits a strategy, platforming, or RPG lover but it is hard to find one with an actual meaning that can be interpreted in multiple ways. To say that Maple story teaches you the value of friendship and the protector series teaches you the value of a solid defense would be downright dumb. The fact of the matter is that its a flash game that does not center around its mechanics or gameplay just its meaning and for that it is unique.
Play Loved Loved Jun. 21, 2010
Jeesh, why is this game so controversial? Its either someone dishing out fawning praise and getting rated up (in an obsequious fashion that can only be seen as amusingly ironic) or someone rating it down, calling it a poorly done emo game and then the person getting voted down by the legions of supporters for this game (who seem to vote down any view point which opposes their precious love with an indiscriminate passion. Again, there is an irony there too). Frankly, I can't help but think that both opinions are wrong, and that though this is a sloppy game on points of design, it gets a point across. Hell, I think it deserves a 3/5 just for that. The fact that it functions and can actually be entertaining would bump it up to a 4. The atmosphere bumps it up to a 5.
Play Take Something Literally Take Something Literally Oct. 10, 2009
over all i like it, the printer one, and the ping pong ones were the only ones I couldn't do. 4/5
Play Take Something Literally Take Something Literally Oct. 10, 2009
one two tree four corners, is that on purpose?