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Play Hexagonator Hexagonator Jan. 31, 2013
The puzzles are not that hard to warrant soo many chances with the 3 star level completion. The amount of attempts for each can be lower significantly.
Play Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory Oct. 17, 2012
ARG. The item I needed was right behind an item i didn't need. Couldn't picked it up and tried so hard.
Play Keeper of the Grove Keeper of the Grove May. 22, 2012
This game has some sort of glitch. I load it and then the screen goes black. It allows me to click things but I see nothing.
Play Shadowland Online Shadowland Online Nov. 23, 2011
Tutorial is broken after the update. Cant do the market one. It won't let me click out of the speech bubble.
Play Undead Throne Undead Throne Oct. 26, 2011
so many options. sooo customizable to the player's playing style. mind=blown
Play Not To Scale Not To Scale Aug. 01, 2011
such a great idea! Super Creative.
Play Swords & Potions Swords & Potions Jun. 15, 2011
I feel like it is "ok" for a game to ask to pay. However, this game just asks for way to much. The cooldown one is the only one i understand. You should not make people pay to be able to play your game or for making items. (in a game it could actually screw you over if you cannot make item or buy the material for the items.) The more time you spend on a game the more likely you will be willing to pay for stuff. Paying for things should only be used for enhancing the game and not for screwing over players who can't pay or just plan "don't want to" or don't think it is worth it" There are many games in which you have to pay for thing but people do little complaining about it because they are getting screwed over when they play. It is alright if people who pay can do everything faster then other players. It is not alright if non paying players will never be able to reach the level of paying players, even with more time and skill.
Play Amea Amea Feb. 14, 2011
Is anyone else reminded of zelda: ocarina of time? At the being in the dream and the inventory screen to the amount of button you can equip items to
Play Corporation Inc. Corporation Inc. Jan. 29, 2011
I have tired 3 times and received different glitches each time. One time the game froze. Another i could not make money and another have of my building glitched out. I feel it happens randomly and you are lucky if it doesn't because it happened once in the beginning and once when i had many people.
Play Castle Guardian Castle Guardian Aug. 16, 2010
This game is broken for me. I went to start a new game and it gives you the over view but you cant start the game. Every button is broken but the sound button.
Play Pirates Hidden Object Pirates Hidden Object Jul. 13, 2010
This game is alright. I find it isnt the best because the items stay the same and are hidden by size. Like lets she how hard it is to find it because it is sooo small you can't tell what it is until you click on it. Some thing were hidden creatively but really it was kinda annoying and not fun.
Play Summoner Wars Summoner Wars Jun. 25, 2010
The issues is that it just takes to much time to draw the unit them send them where you want them to go and not randomly. It makes t too hard to be very fun. I mean it has a lot of potential but maybe change the shapes. Circle has to be connected which made it very annoying and actually harder then the other shapes. and the units might be better to send automatically. Like in a straight line to the one across from it. As well as make the enemy unit do it as well. It would really balance the game out because i was annoyed when i sent a unit out for another but they were sent out at and angle and i didnt hit them. It was very annoying.
Play Doodle God Doodle God Jun. 23, 2010
lol air + car = airplane I was like hey it might work because it was funny. It did!
Play Catch The Star 2 Catch The Star 2 Jun. 22, 2010
This game is ok but it is a good start. Has a lot of potential. However it did freeze on me and I had to restart it.
Play Jewel Swap Jewel Swap May. 29, 2010
This is kinda boring and a little lame. Not much more to say on it.
Play Color Explosion Color Explosion May. 27, 2010
It is sort of coll not really that amazing and i agree totally not a game.
Play Epitome Quiz Epitome Quiz May. 24, 2010
This is not a great game at all. It is like a crappier version of this type of game.
Play Legor 2 Legor 2 May. 24, 2010
I have to agree with the other comments that this game is very easy. I found it harder to get the pieces to click into place than solve the actual puzzle. It is a fun but over used idea. It would be a ton better if there were more and harder levels.
Play Pixel Shuffle Pixel Shuffle May. 18, 2010
What makes them game hard and probably a little unfair is the slight changes in hue. I do not find this an issue for myself because i can tell the slight differences but some people cannot and seem a little unfair to them because even i find it hard.
Play Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! May. 06, 2010
I love this game it is so much fun. The spells are not over powered but not underpowered. The different areas to build makes this game challenging and tons of fun. 5/5