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Play Golemizer Golemizer Jun. 16, 2010
The problem related to character creation has been fixed.
Play Dungeon of Loot Dungeon of Loot May. 13, 2010
Quests have been fixed. Some recently added quests were conflicting between each other. Note that you must exit the game properly (exit button lower right) so the progress are saved if you don't complete a quest in a single play session.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Mar. 22, 2010
We don't tolerate aggressive behavior, cursing or anything else in that line and mods are just fine. By experience I can tell that tolerating players that are only there to make trouble makes more players to go away than banning the troublemakers. When a player is banned for over a year it's just that we don't want him around. It's not a punishment, it's just getting rid of a problem. You may like it or not but the vast majority of people never had any kind of problem of being muted or banned and are quite happy when we take care of troublemakers. Of course, from the point of view of people being banned we're always wrong and never right ...
Play Golemizer Golemizer Mar. 17, 2010
Issue is resolved now.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Mar. 17, 2010
I'm checking the issue. This has nothing to do with accounts being banned. The issue is coming from somewhere else. The code hasn't change since yesterday (at that moment it was working fine) so I'm get through this ASAP.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Mar. 13, 2010
dontshootme133, there is a daily reboot every morning to take care of things like database backup and such (to prevent making a backup while data is still being updated). It last around 10-15 minutes and then the server gets back online.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Mar. 11, 2010
Selva, such system might be added later right but now the currency exchange system (that is currently unavailable to Kongregate users but it will come) serve this purpose. It means that you can get Altus Coins by exchanging your regular gold coins much like the system found in Puzzle Pirates in fact. But the truth is that most players are doing just fine by never spending any money. Things can always change (they have and will) but as the only developer on the project adding every single system found in all other MMOs is just not possible so there's come a point where I have to make choices. Of course making choices means I cannot please everybody but then could I really please everyone ... But thanks anyway for the feedback. I took the time to reply so it means that your concerns were heard and that in time I will take a look at how I can improve accessibility to premium items.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Mar. 10, 2010
Selva, I'll just point out that the GPS is the only thing of what you describe as "things that most games have free" and very soon the GPS will indeed be free for everyone.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Mar. 09, 2010
bigerob, the currency exchange is currently unavailable to Kongregate users but that will change. The reason is that exchanging gold for Altus Coins with other players is an operation that must be done very carefully. I decided to first proceed with standard Kongregate integration and then I will move on to allow Kongregate users to use this system. I'd rather be careful than sorry about that but it's will come.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Mar. 07, 2010
DaGwimWeapa, what browser are you using? Is javascript active? I doubt it isn't working as I've seen quite some people online today with no problem at all so it will take a bit more info to be able to help you.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Mar. 06, 2010
There was an issue tonight that explains the lag. I rebooted the server and now everything is fine. Sorry about the problem, working on it.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Feb. 26, 2010
Megamonkey24, you should be able to recall your golem from the golems list. Golems on the tutorial island are automatically stored in your list after some time. (20 minutes I think)
Play Golemizer Golemizer Feb. 25, 2010
szig, the zones 0,0 - 0,1 and -1,1 are now safe zones as well as the mine west of the dock. There's some NPCs in the immigration office (where you appear when getting off the island) that can give you more hints. The wiki (http://wiki.golemizer.com) can also provide some info (help button in the My Character tab). Other than that well Golemizer is a non-linear game so I know it's not for everyone. Some just like to have their own house and decorate for example. A lot of people are expecting a line of quests that will take them from level 1 to X (even though there is no level). New players have free access to the GPS system for a week (My Character tab) that you can use to find quests if that's what interesting you. There's always improvements being done and indeed an extended tutorial is in the work.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Feb. 25, 2010
Boskone, this is not a Flash game. It's only using Javascript.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Feb. 25, 2010
szig, I agree that it can be dangerous for new players. I'm currently working to expand a bit the safe zones west of the dock. The train at the dock is another way to travel to other places quickly and safely.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Feb. 24, 2010
Enfold, no this subscription is only for the GPS service (to receive directions to get to quests or your own waypoints). This $2 subscription per month is entirely optional and a lot of players have been playing the game without paying for it. It's just a bonus for players that find it useful. The wiki (http://wiki.golemizer.com) is a place where you can find some quests without using the GPS.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Feb. 24, 2010
Enfold, when this is happening you can click on the lower-right button with 2 arrows turning (refresh). Do not use the refresh of your browser but that button at the lower-right of the game. It will refresh the context menus of items.
Play Golemizer Golemizer Feb. 23, 2010
Morticai, I just tested again with IE and the problem seems fixed so it's possible your browser still have the old version of the web page in memory. Happens all the time. You can try to clear the cache of your browser and then refresh the page or hit ctrl-f5. That "should" do the trick I guess. Are you using IE 7 or 8 by the way?
Play Golemizer Golemizer Feb. 23, 2010
AWESOMEGUY333, to change your will have to email me at dave@machine22.com and tell me the name of your character. Check the following page and tell me which hair you want and I'll change that for you: http://wiki.golemizer.com/index.php?title=Tutorials:How_to_customize_your_merchants
Play Golemizer Golemizer Feb. 23, 2010
The refresh bug when hitting "enter" in IE is now fixed. The playing zone won't go blank anymore.