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Well , I love cartoons and video games .


1. Happy Tree Friends

2. Oscar Oasis

3. Spongebob Squarepants

4. South park ( personally , my favourite cartoon atm :o )

Well I love South park because the characters are so cute and of course the cartoon itself is pretty funny.

My favourite characters in South park are the Stotch family ( Stephen , Linda and Butters because they are cute , funny,sweet and cool ) , Kyle Broflovski ( well he is cute , and my name is Kyle as well ) , and Stan Marsh ( he is cute too :o ).

Well I chose them also because they somewhat resemble my life. For instance , Stephen , he always ground his son, Butters . In a way , its similar to me as we have financial problems , so we dont get allowance from our dad , as a result , we can’t go out .It is somewhat “permanently grounded” . As for Butters , he is very obedient , similar to me and my brother , and of course he is cute :o . Kyle is always yelling at Eric Cartman , similar to my emotions inside me against my big brother , but I don’t say it in front of him of course. Stan is Kyle’s best friend , so he is like his brother .

My first favourite male adult character in South park is Stephen Willis Stotch .

First favourite female adult character in South Park is Linda Stotch.

First favourite kid in South park is Butters Stotch :o.

First favourite female kid character in South park is none . Reasoning because I don’t really like the girls , I just feel like they are kind of annoying to be honest .

Stotch family picture :o

Lovely Stotch family picture

Here are a few of my favourite South Park videos ( which have my favourite character(s) in it of course.

The Wacky Molestation
This episode is really funny , all the kids get rid of their parents for quite sometime by lying to the police that their parents molested them :o.

Butters’ Very Own Episode Stephen’s first role of a major character .He appeared to be very loving and is rather sweet in this episode , but as the episode goes on , he is revealed to be bi-curious.
I also feel that this is one of the most realistic , stressful and rare family problems that some family have faced .

Raisins Full song

Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset Stephen appeared to be very selfish in this episode , trying to sell out his son , Butters.

Marjorine Butters fake his death to get something from the girls . Stephen seems to care alot about Butters as he go extreme and try to bring him from the dead. Pretty funny , but I don’t like the ending since Butters is still locked up in the end. :(

Cartman Sucks

About Last Night… “Daddy loves you , just remember that , he always loves you”. I loved that phrase , very touching. Alot of overreaction in this video.

The Ungroundable ( Season 12 episode 14 )

Eat , Pray , Queef ( Season 13 episode 4 ) I like the song at the end , I really enjoy it .

The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs ( Season 14 episode 2 )

City Sushi ( Season 15 episode 6 )

Although Stephen Stotch isn’t a major character , he will always be my favourite :o .

Can’t put anymore links because my profile will be messed up .

P.S I love all the episodes above because Stephen and Butters are in those videos for quite many scenes .
…………………………………….Facts About Me……………………………………….

Also , I would like to state that I feel that South Park is awesome as it teaches me some life lessons . Before watching it , I am some guy who isn’t always in a good mood for jokes and stuffs.
But after watching it , I am more calm than before , I don’t know what kind of life lesson(s) is that , but I’m all better now , maybe because I have alot of compassion in South Park ? I don’t know . Find out and watch some South Park videos up above ! If you like it , you should continue and watch more :o .

Why do I love Stephen Willis Stotch ? I don’t know , he is quite alike to my own dad :o ( not in appearance ). Well for example , my dad overreacts alot .He seems to be talking alot against gays ( pretty much being homophobic ), so does Stephen . Stephen does care about Butters , so does my dad . My dad often treats me harshly even though he cares about me , not by grounding ( Stephen does that stuffs ) , but more harsh words , and he keeps repeating it until he run out of energy ( somewhat ) .
I also like Stephen Stotch due to the fact that he is a handsome yuppie , and a sweet looking gentleman. He is really very pleasant to look at.

Although this is really irrelevant , but I’m starting to have a bad feeling , which is in some of the future South Park episodes , Stephen might die . Similarly , I have a feeling that my dad would die soon . God , please don’t let this happen . Although it might seem gay , but I love both of them .

Well , some of you might think it this way “Why do you love dads that are mean sometimes ?” Well , just think about it , why are you successful ? Because you got discipline . Where do you get it ? Probably because your parents taught you that , in any different ways , and one of them , is by not giving you what you want. For example , “Can you please buy me this toy ? I love it .” They say “No , you have to wait for your allowance or wait for your birthday”. Although it is teaching you patience , but at the same time , some discipline. So , you should all thank your parents :) .

I’m a huge fan of South Park that’s why I’m writing all these . Do note that I’m only comparing my real dad with a virtual dad ( Stephen ) for fun only .

I also want to state that although some of my favourite videos includes “Butters’ Very Own Episode” and “Raisins” , its some what romantic , but that doesn’t mean I love girls/womans . I in fact , like or love mans more than womans , but I only love mans in a platonic way , so I am not gay :) .

………………………………….If I had Wishes List……………………………………

1. I wish my big brother would die ( he is very very bad )

2. An imaginary South Park play set

3. To live in my dream .

………………………………….Deep Moments of me…………………………………

Every night , I always dream that I am Stephen Willis Stotch , looking after my son , Butters , with my wife Linda Stotch. ( very awkward ) Sometimes , I have very bad and sad moments in my imaginary dream . ( It is also said in one of the South Park episode that imagination is as real as a real person or thing lol , so does this means its real ?!?! ) Moments I have are all very realistic to me , like me being a father , I feel the stress of being a parent , working all day and having to look after my son . So sometimes I treat my son badly , and later I regret it ( remember , this is just my imagination ) , and I have to apologize to my him . Really bad and sad moments includes me being bullied in the streets , my son running away from home , and then I have to look for him , crying everyday and feeling very messed up , and the next thing I know , I wake up from my dream , all sweaty.

Other moments :

Good: – Saving my son from some bad bullies

Bad: – Robbed out of all my money , my son had to help me get some money to help our family , and that makes me look bad as a father ( or a parent ) .

Believe it or not , its up to you to decide . Have a nice day !

Stephen Stotch:Bye guys , it was nice to have you guys here !

Wait what ? Did someone here that voice ? Is it imaginary ? Is it real ? Oh my god!

You can call me by my nickname/middle name , Chris . Its actually my sister nickname but it is a male name , so I think its better for me .

Some songs that I like .

All out of love

Queef Free

I can skype if my parents aren’t around .

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