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Hi. wink

The following poems were written by Cantocandidius. (Yes she is awesome. If you add me, please add her too!)



My hero White Knight,
Assisting all of my tough fights.

So good-hearted, very kind.
So special, and you’re mine.

Forever and ever,
We’re happy together.

And forever my love stays true,
True and only for you.

You Lift Me Up

You lift me up,
You help me to see.
So high up,
You make me the person I wanna be.

Please stay with me now,
All for my sake.
You give me strength,
So much more that I could ever take.
I’m thankful you give me hope for a brighter tomorrow.

You put a smile on my face,
You always catch me and never let go.
You’re my favorite part of life,
With your love, how could I ever say no.

You never fail to amuse me,
I feel you everywhere I go.
You always lift me up.

I Love You

I feel you up in the sky,
it feels great I cannot deny.

The love so strong it is so true,
the love that comes from me to you.

Heavenly sounds approaches when you are near,
with you close to me I have nothing to fear.

When I am feeling sad,
talking to you makes me glad.

I love you sweetie with all my heart,
together forever and never to part.

Your Guardian Angel

When times are dark,
I’ll light the way,
and help you make it,
through the day.

If my voice is helping you stay sane,
I will sing every day and keep you the same.

I will try my best to help you cope,
and if I can, I will give you hope.

There’s no place like home they say,
but I’m your home so I’m tellin’ you to stay.

Come on out, there’s no need to hide.
Come and hear me out, cause I am on your side.

As long as I am in your sight,
know that I’ll always be your light.

One and Only

When the world falls into pieces,
You’ll be my only hope of livin’.
When I can’t think it through,
I will think of only you.

Through the wonders of the land,
Together we will brave the fight.
Oh baby, hug me tightly,
I will never let you off my sight.

You’re my King in my eyes,
I don’t care what you say.
Cause I’ll be your maid,
I do anything to make your day.

I’ve been thinking of the words to say,
A poem of you and me.
You’re my one and only,
Can’t you see?

That when things aren’t going well,
I still have you to believe in.
Baby, hug me tightly,
Promise you will never leave me.



I’ve been waiting for the time,
I’ve been waiting for that moment to shine.
A little picture of you and I,
Is what I see in my mind.

I will never go,
I keep you close to my heart.
And I know,
We will soon be pronounced Us.

‘Cause you are my complete whole,
My imaginations, my reality and my world.
There’s no hiding from me,
With your open mind, I read you like an open book.

So come to me and we’ll start our living,
Tonight and forever together as one.
And we shall start believing,
Nothing can or will stand in our way.

So let’s make our dreams come true.

Little Special Moment

It all started on the street I walked past,
He became mine it all happened so fast.
Is this what it feels,
On the day that I appeal?

It has only been just a week,
And I’m sure you are the one I seek.
Play with me I have all the time.
Turn me on, and free my mind.

There is a sky that is illuminating us,
Clearly it’s a sign that we have someone we truly trust.
So take my hand as you’ve stolen my heart,
Promise you will be forever and ever and never to part.

My Last Wish
I have been so lazy
Of the relationship that we had.
I have been so crazy
That it made you so mad.

Sorry is not good enough
But it’s all I can say.
One last chance, I promise I am sincere.
One more time, I’m asking you to stay.

All the things I said
I take it all back.
Without you by my side
I’m a total wreck.

Please forgive me baby
I trust you are still my sweetie.
Please give it one more try
And I promise, we won’t need to cry.

Say It Now

Do not hide from me,
’Cause it hurts a lot truly.
And I have to keep on guessing,
What you are actually feeling.

Do you think I’m a fool,
or do you take me for just a tool?
Would you say I’m your best friend,
and tell me, would you take my hand?

You are never alone,
You know I’ve been calling on the phone.
Will you please stop running away from me,
It will only make things worse every day.

Are you happy?
Or are you sad?
Is it my fault?
Or is it something else?
I just want to know.

So just tell me if you had a bad day,
Tell me what you want to say.
Tell me if you need me,
And say it like you mean it.

If you need a hug,
Tell me I’m here to embrace you.
Into my arms you are safe with me,
‘Cause I’m always looking out for you, don’t you believe it?

If you want me to go away,
Tell me, it will be okay.
You are only what I have in mind,
So know that I will never hurt you for anything you say.

Don’t be afraid,
Just say it now.

Special Someone

Will you lift me up like no one ever did before?
Will you be the sunshine I was always searching for?

Oh my love sing to me all day long I’m all ears.
Sing it all and break through all my fears.

Wake me up and give me all of your time.
Promise me my love, you will be mine.

Sometimes I do things that would make things go rough,
but I promise we will be safe walking through the path.

I will spend an eternity making you believe in me;
You are the one that I will every day wish to see.

With all of this said,
this feels like fate.

So I’m writing this poem just for you,
for everything you have done.
And I hope you understand,
that I’m saying, you’re the one!

Love Is Everything

Love is strong, do no ask why
Love is something that cannot lie
Love is made
To keep that joyful feeling

Love can hurt, but it can’t be done
Love is something that everyone would want
Love is free
It keeps our heart beats running

Love is friendship, it keeps us together
Love keeps our bond strong forever
Love is what we would give and take
Cause sharing is caring

Love is all we need to know
It is just so flexible in every way
So let’s shape our future and say
I love you world!

Save Me

I’m just a broken spirit,
I’m drowning in the sea.
Bring me back up now,
Tell me I’m safe and sound.

Without a soul,
Don’t just leave me here.
I’d die for you,
But the pain of hell is what I fear.

Call my name and bring me back to life,
And you’ll hear me pray.
Believe it or not,
I do that every day.

Save me from this darkness.
Help me escape this madness.
I’m dead asleep inside,
Wake me up tonight.

The Admirer

I looked at you every day, from afar.
Oh but my eyes also play a part.
It’s not my fault you are so colourful.
How I wish I could be helpful to you.

As time passes by,
I’ve been dreaming of you being mine.
Oh just looking at you leaves me without a say.
How I wish I could be with you for a day.

It hurts so much to see you go,
Am I too late to say I love you so?
You look like the one that would keep me safe and sound.
Oh will you catch me if I fall now?

Let me show you I can be fun,
I might just be the one.

This all seem too good to be true.
You are just so much better than a fantasy.
One day I shall make it all a reality.

In My Eyes

You watchin’
Showing there’s no need for hidin’
‘Cause I’m all you want to see

Like a playground
You are always fun to be around
You never let me hit the ground
Always turning my frown upside down

You promise
All the things you did for me
You know just how to make me happy
My eyes are wide open
I see it clearly now

In my eyes
You’re perfect to me
You are my one and only
Not that I’ve been told
But I’m sure you have a heart of gold

You’ve been helping me cope it through
And I’m here to say I love you

Hiccup & Toothless

How to Train Your Dragon is the best movie ever made, watch it if you haven’t. Not to mention the TV series and the second movie of course! :D

Incoming short essay of my opinion on How to Train Your Dragon. Don’t read further if you haven’t watched the film/movie.

Although I heard rumors about the plot for the 3rd film and I must say….I hope it doesn’t end like that.(Too heartbreaking) The rumors suggested that the dragons would in some way, go away. Which would mean Hiccup and Toothless might part ways?…. That is too sad to see…. The powerful friendship dynamic between Hiccup and Toothless has(still is) always been the heart of the story. I don’t want to see it end…. It would probably be too much for my heart to take.

The first flim shows how the main protagonist, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III build up such a great friendship with his dragon, Toothless and I want it to stay that way.

It’s no ordinary friendship, it felt special, so special that my heart almost burst at the overwhelming influx of emotions that were coursing through me at that moment. It’s a beautiful friendship that felt very realistic, even more real than anything this world has to offer. Every time I watch the film, I feel like I’m in their world. How to Train Your Dragon has made a bigger impact of my life than any other real things in life. In a way, it’s more real than any of us.

I’d like to think of Toothless as an imaginary character, still alive in “Imagination land – How to Train Your Dragon,” along with all the other characters including dragons in the show.

The scene where Hiccup spared Toothless’ life and how the dragon suddenly pounced, pinning him down. We could see how fierce the dragon was. As the film goes by, Hiccup worked hard to earn its trust by bonding with Toothless and got such a beautiful friendship. It shows that if you work hard, anything is possible.

Now if you go on to the short film, Gift of the Night Fury, the beautiful friendship just became a lot more beautiful.(I get watery eyes every time I see this short film. But if I’m alone, I’ll let it all out.)

If you see this fan made music video, the last quote “Toothless didn’t just become my friend, he became the friend who gave me my purpose.” It certainly touched my heart and made me remember all the good times they had during the films and the TV series. (Not to mention, it made me shed tears, too, but I’m not ashamed of it.) It also taught me how beautiful a friendship can be when you find the right one.

How to Train Your Dragon is such a good film so of course that would mean a lot of the fans made music videos. That’s how I got my favorite songs.(The Afters) Their songs helped broken spirits and especially me.

I’m currently having a bad time in life and a lot of the times, I play video games to try and forget the bad things that happened. Watching or just thinking about the franchise makes me feel better on a whole new level. I felt especially suicidal recently but the franchise helped me so much.

The films and the TV series felt like godsend gifts. I started believing in God and so I started believing in an ‘Imaginary world’, too.(If I can believe in God, then I can believe in anything imaginary.)

I’ve read and heard about touching, sad stories. Experienced a lot of emotions. Sadness, depression, anger, indignation need I go on? I’d be lying if I were to say that I have never experienced happiness, but it’s in the bottom of the list of my emotions that’s for sure.

How to Train Your Dragon(again, not just the film(s), but also the TV series.) brought a whole lot of happiness and joy to me. Not to mention it brought a lot of hope to me too.(Directly and indirectly.) I’ve never felt so alive. The films seemed very real, too real in fact to the point that I don’t want anything too horrific for me to see in the 3rd film just so it can ruin everything.

I know, I know. None of these matters to anyone, especially the directors of the film. But since people can believe in God, why can’t I believe in God AND imaginary characters? Maybe, just maybe, God or even their own imaginary character, Toothless, could change their minds or at least make their 3rd film watchable for their fans.

Please God, let How to Train Your Dragon 3 be at the very least watchable.
I believe in you, God.


And now, I can only resign to my fate.

P.S. Am I being paranoid?

Also, my ‘believe’ of the “Imagination land – How to Train Your Dragon” was inspired by this song, Alexander Rybak – INTO A FANTASY official soundtrack for How To Train Your Dragon 2

Did you just read through all that? Here’s a hug. (hugs)

Saving these for later.

ChoroQ HG 4

Tips from Barat

http://imgur.com/a/Glj1E (S)

http://imgur.com/a/3wdlE (B)

(To join a team, just going to a team won’t work! Just get good records in all the races in the Beginners Cup and the Holiday Cup!)

http://imgur.com/a/DVNpc (S)

http://imgur.com/a/lmwVY (B)

(I’ll tell you about chassis! Chassis comes in when you crash into
your rivals. Good chassis has the power to bounce your rivals back!)

http://imgur.com/a/7XDpM (S)

http://imgur.com/a/iJIJY (B)

(After you get tires and steering, get an engine and transmission! Engine increases acceleration! Transmission is speed! Low acceleration does not help increase the speed and you’ll be left with low max speed!)

http://imgur.com/a/HM0s7 (S)

http://imgur.com/a/9EbNb (B)

(You can now go to the 2nd area, Poqui Town! Visit the new shop that just opened there!)

http://imgur.com/a/O2pwy (S)

http://imgur.com/a/DCqwe (B)

(If you join a team, you can enter the Pro Cup!)

Here’s Norahike’s session!

http://imgur.com/a/xioMC (S)

http://imgur.com/a/Rm3OZ (B)

(You’ll see cars trying to block you during the race! Just before a turn, steer the wheel inward for a second! Then they’ll be fooled and go into the turn!)





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