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Hey guys, i'm Kieren. Im a musicians, using vocals and lyrics for the majority of things and am currently in the proccess of setting up a home studio when i've finished my advanced degree. Want to talk, give me a heads up. Peace My freerider 2 level, use a mountain bike: -18 1i 18 1i,17 1h 88 7i as 8s fu 9s m4 a9,m4 a8 qc 9h th 7u,-19 1h -19 -v,-1a -t -1a -1c,-1a -1b 13 -1b,1f4 6jo 1f5 6lh,v2 60 tc 7d um 5h,15h cc ub hr,ub hq pl kr m2 m3 ea mh 79 lo h jv -5h hb -9q dq -c5 8s,-g5 94 -hn dn -jl gv -ma ja -r4 ku,-r4 ks -vo l1 -14b k2 -1e2 d0,-1e4 cv -1jo 5n,-1r1 -21 -1tj -5m -1um -81 -204 -b7 -214 -f2 -21j -ih,-1vp -qt -1tb -ti -1ra -v1 -1oh -108 -1ld -105 -1jc -v0 -1hg -sn -1g6 -po -1fk -n6 -1fi -k9,-2ec -pd -318 -1a4,-317 -1a3 -3d5 -1g3 -3eb -1gv -3fg -1i7 -3g2 -1j5 -3gc -1kd -3gc -1l6 -3fv -1mb,-3bk -1q6 -39h -1up -392 -20g -38o -22c -38r -24b -39e -26l -3ah -28a,-5b1 -2hv -592 -2il -5bs -2j7,-5gd -3el -65j -36o -65j -2se -59m -2ii,-5fl -2kq -5ah -2le -5g6 -2ls -5a0 -2mo -5gb -2n2 -59u -2o4 -5h4 -2p7 -5ah -2q5 -5h4 -2qr -5ah -2s7 -5ib -2sp -5ah -2t8 -5ij -2ud -5bm -2vd -5iq -306 -5d6 -324 -5jj -31s -5e1 -33q,-5du -33q -5jr -347,-5jt -34c -5di -35e -5k9 -354 -5du -367 -5kr -36r -5dd -38k -5kt -38p -5e8 -39r -5lm -3an -5f3 -3ci -5lf -3cn,-5hv -3bp -5eq -3bf -5h1 -3au -5ei -3au -5fv -3a3,-5fl -39m -5di -398 -5eu -38p,-5f8 -385 -5da -380,-5dd -380 -5gg -37c -5d1 -36r -5fb -369,-5f8 -362 -5c8 -35r,-5cd -35o -5es -359 -5ci -34o -5eu -34t -5da -34c -5f6 -33t,-5f1 -33e -5d1 -33b -5eu -32s -5d6 -32j -5e1 -31v,-5eb -31l -5ca -31i -5eb -30q -5cp -30q -5du -306 -5ci -2vu -5df -2vi,-5dd -2vd -5bm -2us -5df -2up -5bi -2ud -5d3 -2u0 -5ba -2tu -5c0 -2tk,-5gl -3ei -508 -3sc,-5gi -3ek -4pk -3nh -4m6 -417,-5hd -3cr -5g0 -3df -5i4 -3d3 -5fr -3e8 -5hv -3e1,-5gu -3d3 -5f5 -3cr -5g3 -3ck,-5g0 -3d0 -5eo -3dk -5gp -3dn -5er -3e6 -5gk -3ei,-21h -hh -228 -kg -228 -hm -22p -lb,-22p -l9 -22p -i5,-23q -i0 -246 -lj -24q -ip -24q -lj -25m -j3 -26a -n0 -26p -im -27a -mt -28g -if -286 -nm,-288 -nm -296 -if -29j -m2 -2a7 -i7 -2ae -nc -2b5 -hh,-2b5 -hm -2bk -o8 -2c5 -ic -2cd -lt,-2cd -m9 -2dl -ju -2d6 -np -2fo -mt,-24v -ki -25t -n0,-25t -mt -267 -lv,-22g -hb -231 -l6 -236 -hb -23o -lq -23v -k0,-4tu -2m8 -4th -2jn,-4th -2jo -4tl -2jn -4u2 -2ma -4qv -2mv,-4r0 -2mu -4qe -2k6,-4r4 -2mr -4qi -2k5,-4qv -2n0 -4r1 -2n6,-4u5 -2mi -4u3 -2ma,-4u4 -2mb -4vd -2mq,-4u6 -2mj -4vc -2n1,-4vc -2n1 -4vc -2mq,-4v9 -2mo -4us -2ji,-4v6 -2mm -4uq -2jk,-4sg -2mj -4s9 -2jt,-4sp -2mj -4sf -2ju,-4r3 -2n7 -4sk -2nh,-4r2 -2n6 -4u5 -2mi,-4vb -2n2 -4sl -2nh,-4uj -2n0 -4u6 -2mp -4u0 -2mr,-4tt -2n7 -4tl -2n0,-4tp -2mr -4tf -2n1,-4u3 -2n5 -4tn -2na,-4te -2n8 -4t6 -2n0 -4sv -2n4,-4ta -2n5 -4t4 -2n8,-4te -2n8 -4tb -2ne,-4sn -2nf -4st -2n9 -4sj -2n8 -4sp -2n2#-4ps -2ik -4pn -2f5 -4n3 -2ff -4n3 -2iu,-4m3 -2iu -4lr -2fr,-4lr -2ha -4jm -2hu,-4k0 -2ju -4io -2fm,-4hm -2hr -4fo -2g0 -4eg -2i5 -4h2 -2kd,-4h2 -2kb -4he -2hp,-4e9 -2l1 -4dd -2ff,-4dv -2i3 -4bu -2is,-4c1 -2l6 -4b3 -2fr,-5fd -3u2 -5f8 -3rd,-5g8 -3u4 -5em -3u7,-5fk -3qi -5fk -3o5,-5fi -3pb -5ea -3pb,-5ea -3q6 -5du -3od,-5du -3n8 -5fk -3mp -5fi -3ko -5dk -3kh,-5fk -3lr -5du -3lk,-5cr -3kh -5cr -3n0 -5at -3kc -5ar -3nk,-59t -3nf -59t -3kj,-59q -3nf -586 -3lp -59t -3ke,-56g -2rq -57r -2pp -55q -2op,-553 -2or -54u -2s4 -53k -2pa,-543 -2qg -553 -2q8,-53m -2s9 -52m -2pa,-537 -2qn -52c -2sj,-530 -2r4 -51e -2ps,-50b -2t2 -51j -2sc -511 -2pu -4vp -2q6,-51b -2re -50d -2rl,-4tj -30g -4t7 -2rl -4uf -2t7,-4t7 -2ro -4rq -2tf,-k -4g -u -3u,-u -3u -h -3o,-6 -4f -d -3p,-5 -4e 0 -3p,-2 -3v -c -42,4 -3p 4 -4c h -3m h -49,u -4a v -3p 18 -3p 18 -4c,1t -49 1j -45 1p -3l 1t -3v 21 -3v,2b -47 24 -49 24 -3k 2d -3k,24 -40 29 -40,2j -47 2l -3k,2e -48 2p -48,-o -36 -o -2l,-11 -37 -e -35,-8 -34 -8 -2l,-8 -2r 0 -2s,2 -34 1 -2i,-3 -2t 2 -2r,f -33 8 -33 7 -2j,8 -2j g -2j,8 -2r d -2s,17 -34 s -2u,s -2t 18 -2h,1h -35 18 -2h,1g -34 1l -2g,1j -2o 1c -2p,1m -33 1o -2h,1n -2s 1t -32,1n -2u 1u -2k,27 -32 20 -32 22 -2i 2a -2h,22 -2q 2a -2q,2o -2f 2r -2g 2r -27 2m -2a,2m -2b 2q -2f,2s -2j 2m -2m 2r -32 34 -33 39 -37 3b -3c,3a -3c 36 -3i 31 -3i 2s -3d 2n -3d 2o -3l,2o -3l 2r -3r,2r -3r 31 -3u,33 -3u 3c -3t,3d -3s 3k -3k,3k -3j 3l -3a 3l -30,3j -30 3c -2s,3b -2s 36 -2r,30 -2r 30 -2k,30 -2s 36 -2s#G -394 -24k 91,B -3fa -1mt i,B -3fk -1m0 j,B -3fs -1le m,B -2jr -uv 9o,B -2gj -s9 9n,B -2gg -s7 8e,B -1q2 -19 b8,B -1p4 -s as,B -1od -3 b7,B -1nb d b4,B -1ni l as,B -1mm 17 av,B -1m5 1v as,B -1lh 2o an,B -1kr 3c at,B -1k4 43 ar,B -1je 4v am,B -1e9 cb a5,B -14h jc 9j

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