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Play Run Run Nov. 27, 2013
Anyone else wonder if he has a face? Just me? Oh...
Play Papa's Cupcakeria Papa's Cupcakeria Nov. 08, 2013
Play Papa's Freezeria Papa's Freezeria Jul. 19, 2013
This proves I can't run a resturaunt in he future.
Play Papa's Pancakeria Papa's Pancakeria Jul. 19, 2013
Why do people come at night for pancakes...?
Play Papa's Pancakeria Papa's Pancakeria May. 27, 2013
I played this game becase I didn't want to be hungy. Bad idea.
Play Papa's Pizzeria Papa's Pizzeria May. 27, 2013
Little did he know, that Papa would go on tonsof other vacatins to make his workers full of misery.
Play Papa's Hot Doggeria Papa's Hot Doggeria May. 26, 2013
You'd think Papa would be rich after his first Pizzeria, but no, he starts a Burgeria,Tacomia, Pancakeria, Freezeria, Wingeria, and now this. What does he do with the extra money??
Play Papa's Freezeria Papa's Freezeria May. 26, 2013
I'd like to know... why do they waste their whole day buying a sundae? Don't they have something better to do?
Play Papa's Freezeria Papa's Freezeria Mar. 06, 2013
Oh man, I'm glad this game is online! If I were there in real life, I'd eat them all!
Play Sentences Sentences Dec. 08, 2012
Wow, know I know all these quotes without having to watch movies or read books!
Play Fast Typer 2 Fast Typer 2 Dec. 08, 2012
The key to winning it is to smash your keyboard into little bits so you can click every key without having to do any work.
Play Super Santa Kicker Super Santa Kicker Dec. 08, 2012
Ouch, I swear, thats gotta hurt, sliding down chimneys and getting kicked in the butt by reindeer.
Play Snoring 2. Wild West Snoring 2. Wild West Nov. 25, 2012
Who knew animals can push other animals twice or triple their size? They must be pretty strong.
Play Draw My Thing! Draw My Thing! Nov. 05, 2012
That name... it says some things that should not be said.
Play Potty Racers 2 Potty Racers 2 Nov. 04, 2012
Who would of thought you can put wheels, engines, and wings on a porta-potty.
Play Papa's Freezeria Papa's Freezeria Nov. 04, 2012
The catch is: Where does Papa go during all his trips?
Play Papa's Freezeria Papa's Freezeria Nov. 03, 2012
How can they tell I spilled whipped cream by accident...??? Seriously, employees only zone...
Play Papa's Wingeria Papa's Wingeria Nov. 03, 2012
I feel like I am actually in the game... Thats called serious gaming... ♣
Play Sushi Cat Sushi Cat Nov. 03, 2012
I wish my cat was like this... :(
Play Rotate & Roll Rotate & Roll Jul. 16, 2012
I remember in 5th an 4th grade where my friends and I would always bet eachother saying "I bet you can't beat this game!" Good times...