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Play Castlot Castlot Jan. 04, 2013
After the server merger my VIP level dropped, what gives?
Play Castlot Castlot Dec. 28, 2012
Everytime i start the game i have to clear my cache. it hangs on ''loading templates'' otherwise.
Play Wild West Town Wild West Town Jul. 21, 2012
A ''sort friends by number of actions left'' function would be handy-dandy
Play Wild West Town Wild West Town Jul. 20, 2012
Hiring workers for your greenhouse is bugged,people clicking the link are getting a ''link expired'' error.
Play Backyard Monsters (removed) Backyard Monsters (removed) Jun. 22, 2011
A turret range indicator upon placing would be nice.
Play Front Runner Front Runner Mar. 31, 2011
Thanks for the autoshoot update buddy!