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Play Secretnet Secretnet Jul. 12, 2011
I was just playing some games on kong since wow was down and i found this game. Awesome. Pleassssssse make a sequel! 5/5
Play Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloons Tower Defense 4 Jul. 04, 2011
EHhhhhhhhhhhhhh 79 is HARDASSHELL!
Play Fade Fade Apr. 16, 2011
I would say that this is one of those extremely rare games that are really simple but super addicting and awesome in every way. :D
Play Neil the Nail Neil the Nail Feb. 21, 2011
Im not usually a big fan of these games, but this one was actually really enjoyable!
Play Zombie Crusher Zombie Crusher Dec. 30, 2010
not good enough for being a... game. =S
Play Effing Meteors Effing Meteors Dec. 30, 2010
Jiggmin attack omg!
Play Desert Moon Desert Moon Dec. 12, 2010
Play Epic Combo! Epic Combo! Oct. 24, 2010
This is why games aren't real. =D
Play Platform Racing 2 Platform Racing 2 Oct. 16, 2010
Try to beat my times! Newbieland: 30 sec. Mario bros remix: 59 sec. Soul temple: 39 sec. Razor blade: 42 sec. New york: 34 sec. Blacklight: 34 sec. Candyland: 64 sec. Zerostar: 87 sec. Hat factory: 124 sec. Some times are easier to beat and some are harder!!!
Play Platform Racing 2 Platform Racing 2 Oct. 11, 2010
plus this comment if you think pr2hack should be deleted or something. HE/SHE DESTROYS ALL GOOD HIGHSCORES!
Play Transformice Transformice Sep. 12, 2010
how is this better than Platform racing 2??? *Sniff*
Play Crush The Castle 2 Crush The Castle 2 Sep. 12, 2010
Angry birds was better...
Play Achievement Unlocked 2 Achievement Unlocked 2 Aug. 19, 2010
26th play!
Play Red Red Aug. 09, 2010
661. YAY
Play MFTDG MFTDG Aug. 09, 2010
I agree with bimbol. it's a really good game you got there. but... yes, and that about balancing. 4/5
Play Platform Racing 2 Platform Racing 2 Aug. 09, 2010
Wow... 18,000,000 plays thats a lot
Play Transformice Transformice Aug. 09, 2010
greensolider, i took your avatar... but only cuz it is very nice =) (game=one of the better multiplayer games on kong.)5/5
Play Continuity 2 Continuity 2 Aug. 08, 2010
Dude... you just took the name from continuity... what if the creator wants to use that for a sequel???????? .......
Play Epic War 4 Epic War 4 Jul. 19, 2010
@Kuramba: I got the 2 last heroes by completing level 16... So... kinda yea...
Play Epic War 4 Epic War 4 Jul. 18, 2010
8D (yes folks, that's all that is needed to say about this truly EPIC game. though, you really should make epic war 5, if you are actually making it, the way the gamers want it, instead of doing what you think is right. that's all. I think.)