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Play Heavens Heavens Nov. 01, 2012
I saw military mode (Immunity to defeats) and decided to pass this game by. If I wanna pay to play there are plenty of non browser games for that.
Developer response from 2Reallife

Military account does not give you immunity to defeats. It works only with counters in Medals or Avatars. For example, if you win one fight against Matazuu and loose to another one, you will still have 1 win in a row. But this does not give you immunity.

Play Paladog Paladog May. 13, 2012
I smell a furry.
Play The Wikileaks Game The Wikileaks Game Dec. 17, 2010
LMAO. That is all.
Play Mastermind: World Conquerer Mastermind: World Conquerer Dec. 17, 2010
THe ending was AMAZING.
Play Super Battle Demon Super Battle Demon May. 25, 2010
. . . What the hell is this mess.
Play Ether War Ether War Jul. 24, 2009
Pretty colors kept my interest for too long.
Play Seed of Destruction Seed of Destruction Jul. 09, 2009
Best on Kongregate.
Play GemCraft GemCraft Jun. 29, 2008
An absolutely addicting strategy game... though the random gemming is pretty bad. 5/5 regardless.