PhiD1's Comments

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Play Exterios Exterios May. 31, 2014
I can't start! Help me
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Apr. 20, 2014
The zumbi look soooo cute
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars May. 08, 2013
remind me of Cross Fire in Việt Nam but better
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash May. 08, 2013
It's impossible to get 100000 coin
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash May. 07, 2013
I would like to earn achievement with the rewards
Play Tale of Scale Tale of Scale May. 06, 2013
I wish he is a good guy who use his power to help people
Play Race The Sun Race The Sun Dec. 30, 2012
great dead effect. Make me want to die more
Play Mini Attack: Urban Combat Mini Attack: Urban Combat Sep. 24, 2012
more gun like SAW or SCAR please ? Thumb up if you argee
Play Memohuntress Memohuntress Aug. 22, 2012
Is there any serect ending?
Developer response from SpikeVallentine

Hi PhiD1, hahaha, funny question! Currently, there is no secret endings, but there are secret items. ;) (1 Hidden Emblem per level.)

Play Nuclear Plant Nuclear Plant Aug. 15, 2012
So sad story: _World end _The only hope is a monster _All hope is lost It's just no fair *cry*
Play Island Escape beta Island Escape beta Aug. 02, 2012
Can you make flash light for walking in night ?
Play RPG Shooter: Starwish Extras RPG Shooter: Starwish Extras Aug. 01, 2012
Neferiti ending, special ending=beat game in hard mode 0.o
Play Turbo Golf Turbo Golf Jul. 28, 2012
fix the save please
Play Psychout Psychout Jun. 09, 2012
Love the ending. Nice job dude