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Imagine, if you will, a man. He is modestly tall, and thin within regulation. While far from being the tallest, and far from being truly fit, he is the middle-most man; the one many people would want to be. His face is soft, but has hard edges on the jaw and down the bridge of the nose. His forehead is not too big, and his cheeks not too bulging, his eyes not too sunken, and his nose not too thrusting. His mouth curls naturally into a passive smile, but not one that is obnoxious, nor one that is understanding; simply, a smile. His eyes are nothing spectacular; brown with blue and black specks throughout. The hair that hangs before his eyes is on the verge of being a greasy mess, and a dry wreck. It lies flat upon his head, but not as to reveal his scalp. For the rest of him, take what you will, for this is where it becomes odd.
From the upper chest down, he does not exist. At the very least, he does not exist to the human eye there. Why is anomaly occurs is unknown, but what is known is that he is able to control what part of him simply stops existing. Almost as if it is a cylinder surrounding him, he is able to move it up and down, covering one part of him, while revealing another. He can move it down to reveal himself in his entirety, or move it up to cover nothing but his scalp, or his feet. Regardless of the orientation, anything in this area seems to simply not exist. One may pass through it, and it does not generate heat signature, or anything similar. Say one were to pass through, and he decided to so rudely close it upon them; the results would be less than pleasing. Arms do not seem to be revealed through this existence-removing cloak, and stay hidden if they are covered, until he raises them above the area where they are covered.
From this semi-cloaked form, he is still able to perform action. Some say that it is not simply non-existence, but rather, bending the very matter within and around the area that is concealed. The other remarkable thing about him, is a very acute reflexive ability. So as, to the point of being to engage in hand-to-hand combat with a trained swordsman, without a weapon, and still win. This does not influence his speed, which is less than desirable, but still makes him a threat. In recent months, he has begun to work upon his ability to become “invisible.” As of current, if he wants to cover himself completely, with some minor strain and possible moral support, he could make himself completely and utterly invisible, so as to the point of being able to move short distances in this form.
Very little is known about this man’s past. He is far from shady; he has told multiple people multiple times that he came from an impoverished family, and that he was far from spoiled. No freak accident occurred, no sudden abduction, no war, nothing. He just left of his own accord, shortly after learning of his abilities. To this day he does minor mercenary work, and is taking two forms of martial arts training, and is paying for gun control lessons.

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