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Apr 29, 2016 1:58pm

why does it say fo is in beta testing for kong+ ?

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Apr 9, 2016 6:37pm

Stupid git

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Dec 22, 2015 8:10am

Alright guys only one more solution. We build a time machine and go back in time :p

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asbergan Feb 14, 2016 8:44am

im in when do we start ?

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Jan 28, 2015 4:16pm

fantasy online will come back soon ?

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GunFire205 Apr 4, 2015 4:25pm

what is it called?

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GunFire205 Apr 4, 2015 4:26pm

I cant find it, whats it called?

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Terratec Dec 20, 2015 3:36pm

there aint one. sadly it aint one they are making a new game called waves of time witch seems nice but aint in beta or anything

avatar for tankwars

Dec 21, 2014 11:20pm

you had reasons to take FO down, what were they

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ironbullet Jul 24, 2015 4:59pm

where! copy and paste the link!

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playbobbyg32 Sep 9, 2015 8:22pm

search waves of time, not the same though,

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Jimmedy Sep 14, 2015 6:56am

That’s right, be aware that “Waves of Time” is only connected to FO by the community. It’s a completely independent game by a different developer. Worth checking out though!

avatar for beerorfight

May 3, 2015 11:40am

Didnt say the game that registered account where still able to play?

avatar for Schutz

Dec 1, 2014 2:46am

still had hope………..

avatar for sora1394

Jan 2, 2013 5:19pm

I need help im a level 47 and im in temple of lost souls and i cant get out until i rebirth!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE GET ME OUT OF THERE ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cubeus Mar 15, 2013 3:19pm

It shoultn’t be possible, but I have a similar problem. After some time of absence in game, I logged in and – surprise – I’m in a totally new place, without any explanation.

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sora1394 Sep 26, 2014 8:37pm

LOL so old of a post , tbh I don’t know how I just logged in and bam I’m in the Temple Of Lost Souls

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Jakub34 Nov 24, 2014 6:39am

As you can see sometimes you can lag and you walk through the walls :p so maybe that’s what happened

avatar for GunFire205

Feb 8, 2014 2:45pm

haha look at all you nubs wanting fo back, too bad guys its not coming back. I knew this was gonna happen I tryed to warn you all but you all were simply to ignorant and ignored my warning and still spent money and gamer just ends it. f*cking retards -gunblood225

avatar for UndefeatedLack
UndefeatedLack May 4, 2014 4:38pm

Heh and i bet u did the same lolz Ur just another wanna be Noob who dint get o experience everything in the game

avatar for GunFire205
GunFire205 Oct 7, 2014 1:42pm

i actually got every item in the game at one point in time.

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noobmaker Oct 28, 2014 5:46pm


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Jul 27, 2014 11:46am

Where did Fantasy online go?

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XKillerBeeXLive Sep 19, 2014 2:53pm

new owner go to this web: http://llama-quest.com/index.html

avatar for Jeremydawg
Jeremydawg Oct 5, 2014 12:23pm

As far as I know there is not a “new owner”, that was the problem. Gamer didn’t want to let anyone use the same assets as FO so some of the mods decided to make a new game. Similar, …

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avatar for rayquaza99

Sep 15, 2014 3:52pm

seriously that was one of my favorite gamesD:
is there a reason why its shut down?

avatar for minnaco

Jan 2, 2014 9:00pm

R.I.P FO. R.I.P… =(

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lokion124 Feb 8, 2014 6:07pm

anything at all?

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TracyN2 Feb 10, 2014 5:24pm


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KingdomHearts33 Sep 6, 2014 6:56pm

ya I don’t get it

avatar for eefan10

Aug 3, 2014 6:46am

There is not a single chance FO is coming back guys just get used to the new owner. http://llama-quest.com/index.html

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Jul 22, 2014 9:28am

hey gamer how’s it goin bud

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Jul 22, 2014 8:26am


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Jul 22, 2014 8:26am


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Jul 5, 2014 7:18am

Shame on you. The Mods are creating Fantasy Online Legacy on SCRATCH. This is all your fault.

avatar for Raror211
Raror211 Jul 13, 2014 9:34am

Wait. They are rewriting it? I was ascended. I really miss the game. It would mean alot to ALL of us if someone did…

avatar for Jakub34

Jul 7, 2014 8:50am

What part of budget cuts do you guys not understand . they did not have enough money to keep the game going

avatar for GunFire205
GunFire205 Jul 8, 2014 11:15am

He had money. he just didnt wanna continue with the game.

avatar for GunFire205

Jul 4, 2014 4:44pm

Im actually regretting being a dick to everyone on here. I miss the game, and I wasted alot of my time getting banned. Gamer these people didn’t deserve this. Bring the game back! :)

avatar for you2will_die

Jun 22, 2014 1:21pm

Fantasy Online was a great game that went away too soon. At least we got to keep our avatars from Fantasy Online.

avatar for Jakub34

Mar 27, 2014 2:04pm

I hope fo is not gone forever ;( i hope when they closed it that was just for fo to get out of beta

avatar for chaserussell11
chaserussell11 Jun 13, 2014 10:25pm

nope its been out of beta for long that was the end of Fo

avatar for noob4770

May 30, 2014 4:35pm

y did u remove it srsly if it was for fun u rly suck

avatar for RandomFailure22

May 6, 2014 10:39am

why did every site delete Fantasy Online?

avatar for Gaytorayde

Mar 23, 2014 9:37am

Notice his name says “Pixelatedgame*S*” He just made one wish got excluded after tons of donations and since he’s not developing anything you guys just got tripped lol.

avatar for HaHaUDead

Dec 1, 2013 1:43pm

you got rid of fantasy online!!! fuk you!!!

avatar for KennethP30
KennethP30 Mar 3, 2014 3:47am

HahaUdead is a noob

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notaboy78 Mar 14, 2014 1:49pm


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SeanJ26 Mar 21, 2014 6:12pm

Man… I’m just hope-ing for a sequel to come around.. I loved everything about the game, and if a sequel comes out, I’m hope-ing you’ll give us a heads up to us soon. The only t…

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