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Play Trimps Preview Trimps Preview Jul. 02, 2015
Definitely needs balancing. After a relatively low number of worlds, your primary source of income is the random resource drops from the map and there is no way to afford the 10Dc food cost to hire multiple farmers when they're only producing around 10T food/s. Traps are completely useless when you hit a population higher than 10k trimps All building and upgrade costs seem to increase dramatically and you reach a point where you cannot afford to hire more resource collectors because it costs more than they produce. I've found the easiest way to level up your gear is to run the highest level map with the smallest size repeatedly until it no longer provides a book or a new form of housing at the end. It would be nice if the numbers went higher than Decillion instead of replacing them with ++.
Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders Jun. 13, 2015
The sorting is a bit buggy, when you click on them to change the name, it still uses the old positions (e.g if you click on your third soldier it asks to change your healer's name)
Play Space Incident Space Incident Jun. 11, 2015
So in order to get total victory, we need to repeatedly break everything on the ship so everyone goes into mental breakdowns. Then they'll decide to talk to you and share important information about how not to kill everyone from oxygen deprivation or lose the shuttle when performing the braking manoeuvre?
Developer response from Vogd

Yes, that was my idea!

Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 10, 2015
Great game although the inventory could use a little work. Maybe implement item stacking?
Play Shop Empire 3 Shop Empire 3 Feb. 06, 2015
@il querriero 1: Just hold shift while placing.
Play Shop Empire 3 Shop Empire 3 Feb. 04, 2015
Dreamfield: Click the Staff(s) button at the top of the screen, select the janitors tab and click promote under the janitor to upgrade it.
Play Shop Empire 3 Shop Empire 3 Feb. 03, 2015
Thief stop! Wait, nevermind, my shift just ended, let's walk out together.
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Jan. 29, 2015
Good update, might I suggest adding tooltips when you hover over the pause and replace depleted cells buttons? Also maybe add a shortcut to the pause like p or the space bar.
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Jan. 28, 2015
Might be helpful to have a toggle for the automatic depleted cell replacement for when you want to change cells but don't want to waste the money from a partially consumed cell.
Play The Sun for the Vampire 2: Monster's Castle The Sun for the Vampire 2: Monster's Castle Jan. 22, 2015
Artificial difficulty created by flappy bird physics.
Play Abandoned Abandoned Jan. 02, 2015
Excellent game, the art style feels similar to the Submachine series. The puzzles were challenging but not to the point where you wanted to give up (I kicked myself when I realised the location of the last bulb was right in front of me the whole time). I was only able to find 2/4 secrets but I'll be giving it a 5/5.
Developer response from krutovigor

Hi. I have finished the next part of Abandoned. It's not Abandoned 2, but spin-off. Some bridge between 1st and 2nd part. Hope you'll like it.

Play Mustache Time Mustache Time Dec. 29, 2014
Very unique although a significant portion could be solved by simply boxing up the ones to protect
Play Car Stunt Simulator Car Stunt Simulator Dec. 25, 2014
Could use a mute button.
Play Raze 3 Raze 3 Dec. 10, 2014
@frost4025 The music is under the credits, inside the settings page.
Play circloO circloO Dec. 07, 2014
Challenging but enjoyable.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Dec. 04, 2014
@JinxJanx Click on Swag & Stats, there's an option to mute the music in there.
Play Shotfirer Shotfirer Nov. 06, 2014
It's a great game although there's sometimes issues with jumping while inside holes. Can there be a dynamite counter so we know which levels we should redo to get the <50 dynamite achievement?
Play Dynamite Blast 3 Dynamite Blast 3 Oct. 01, 2014
It would be a great game, if your progress was actually saved. Also needs a fast forward button because those vehicles move so slowly.
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Aug. 03, 2014
The two achievements next to the elevator ones are for clicking the elevator menu button 100 and 500 times. The two next to the diamond achievements are for opening the statistics page 100 times and the achievements page 100 times.
Play The Last Stand: Dead Zone The Last Stand: Dead Zone Aug. 01, 2014
@Toxo1 The zombies won't assault your compound if you're offline. You can close the window and wait until your survivors return, then when you open it again, it'll warn you of the incoming attack and give you another 3 minutes to prepare. No need to rush them back with fuel.