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Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Jan. 03, 2015
Yeah, and I still can't get any response about the "Think Tank Payoff" Skullduggery mission not working either.
Developer response from delosford

It works fine? People use it routinely.

Play The Lobby The Lobby Jan. 03, 2015
Same problem as below except in my case its Cato.
Developer response from delosford

Reading the forums is a required part of being a successful tester for The Lobby. Make sure you understand the game state before you post questions, as they consume my time to answer and I didn't write all that documentation on the forums for my health.

Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Aug. 02, 2014
I "learned" and was charged for Rhetoric twice.
Developer response from delosford

What'd you do, hit back and buy it again or something?

Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Jul. 30, 2014
dunno what happened but somehow it had me buying two diamond earrings (sometimes my wireless mouse doubleclicks unintentionally) so I go and sell it in pawn show and got peanuts back...
Developer response from delosford

Well, yeah... I don't know of any game in existence where you can sell items for anywhere near what you bought them for.

Play Sorcery Quest - Guest Edition Sorcery Quest - Guest Edition Feb. 27, 2012
Someone tell Kong to remove this from the possibility of being a "Recommended Game for You", since it appears to be broken and is being removed.
Play Focus Focus Nov. 22, 2011
easiest impossible badge evar!
Play Monster Arena Monster Arena Nov. 06, 2011
Not getting Hard Achievement, continued game to get rest of trophies I missed, somehow game reverted from my level 20+ monster to a level 15 one...a LOT of progress just evaporated...what the hell?
Play Backyard Monsters (removed) Backyard Monsters (removed) Jun. 21, 2011
Also, the fact that I can play in fullscreen mode makes this game so much better than if you weren't able to...
Play Backyard Monsters (removed) Backyard Monsters (removed) Jun. 21, 2011
They need to go through this game with an axe and remove all MyFaceSpaceBookish crap like the bragging to your friends about taking a poop, or at least fix it so it makes more sense...if I'm thanking someone for their help, it shouldn't go on my should go on theirs... Also, the "Anyone Home?" thing is annoying as all get out...just shut the game down or leave me or the other, don't tease me with a fraction of a second look at the screen then make me reload the whole game. Overall not too bad, I like it so far, I like the way it looks like its progressing. Catapult is kinda wonky, I blew up a silo that was completely outside the target circle, while barely denting the tower in the center... Would be nice to be able to allocate storage to different resources...sometimes you have WAAAAY too much putty, sometimes you need just a little more storage to be able to afford something...
Play Z-Rox Z-Rox Oct. 09, 2008
I can't even get this game to start. I click on Normal Mode and it makes the noise and the screen wipes back to the menu. Where is this tutorial mentioned by the games creator in the notes