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Play Fishy Waters Fishy Waters Apr. 17, 2014
Needs rival fishermen stealing your prey, cutting your lines, etc. :)
Play Pocket Starships Pocket Starships Apr. 17, 2014
Initial impressions: The visuals are nice-looking, but some of the interface screens seem overly cluttered; it takes some looking around to figure out what I'm looking at. Also, while I do like blue, the endless blues become a little much when I'm in the station. A little more color variety would be easier on the eyes.
Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 13, 2014
Dwarf casting cost formula is wrong as displayed. It shows a * instead of a /. I think this has happened in several of your formulae.
Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 11, 2014
It seems that if a gem is behind someone, I can't pick it up.
Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 11, 2014
It would be nice to be able to sort the shop items.
Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 11, 2014
Multi shot arrow skill info looks wrong. AP cost is listed as 70 - level*6. At level 36, that would mean that it would increase my APs by 146 with each use. Does it?
Developer response from WakefieldStudios

Thanks - good catch!

Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 11, 2014
Each char should have separate ranged and melee weapons.
Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 11, 2014
Summo Faerie doesn't seem to work. I can't cast it manually and he doesn't do it auto.
Developer response from WakefieldStudios

Double check that the caster has enough Max MP to cover the summoning cost.

Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 11, 2014
It keeps telling me I have a new unit type unlocked when I don't. Also, in the shop, the prices are weird. I currently see an elegant ring with 1 mana and 2 dexterity priced at 2117 next to an ornate ring of the sea priced at 1679. What's that ring have? Only 2 learning, 2 perception, 1 mana, 1 willpower, and 3 dexterity. SMH
Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 11, 2014
Sometimes general stock rings are described simply as "Ring". Also, in the abilities page, I think it would be simpler if the circles didn't jump around. Just enlarge whichever one that the player mouses over, without moving it.
Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 10, 2014
Cool game so far. A couple of things to tweak: The guys keep rehearsing their opening lines even after I've fought several battles with all of them in the team. Also, the post-combat message that starts out "Excellent! You're getting the hang of..." was only displayed for about 1 second.
Play Verista Tower Defense Verista Tower Defense Apr. 10, 2014
Too tedious; most of the time there's nothing to do but wait for mana. Also, zoom out a little so we don't have to scroll.
Play Attic Zombie Attic Zombie Apr. 10, 2014
Not too bad, but... reloading time was the real enemy here. I wanted a way of repairing damage and a way of reducing reloading time. Also, it was difficult to read the weapon upgrade pricing due to color choices. Also, I didn't know what I was buying; the only 2 choices were weapon and armor. I'd like a bit more info on what I was getting for my money.
Play Space Conqueror Space Conqueror Apr. 10, 2014
This is not much of a game. One kind of enemy, 2 kinds of attack on them, 1 kind of attack from them, no bosses, no upgrades, no anything, just shooting straight ahead and trying to kill these space invader ships. The movement controls take a little getting used to, because the ship acquires inertia while moving and slides to a stop after you let up on the movement key, but that can be viewed as a feature. The other things need fixing. I can only give this 1/5 right now, because I don't even know yet why you bothered to create it. It's pointless as is. I guess what I can say about it that's good is: it works (now). :-D
Play Dead End Defense 2 Dead End Defense 2 Apr. 10, 2014
It took me about 4 or 5 rounds before I saw where my health bar is, and I never did see where my energy indicator is. IMO these indicators should be colored in a way that helps them stand out from the rest of the screen; I don't want to hunt around the screen for something of critical importance while zombies are attacking me.
Play Zombies Ate My Motherland Zombies Ate My Motherland Apr. 10, 2014
a bit more variety of enemies and it would be pretty great
Play 2048 Flash 2048 Flash Apr. 10, 2014
The most interesting thing here is how such a boring "game" became popular enough that I heard about it multiple times. SMH
Play Space Conqueror Space Conqueror Apr. 09, 2014
nothing but black
Developer response from GustavoStife

I fixed the problem, thank you for the feedback.

Play Gold Mine - The Second Gold Mine - The Second Apr. 08, 2014
2/5 due to no objective. The look is nice and it's very spry. Just needs some reason to keep playing.
Play Lost Crypts Lost Crypts Apr. 08, 2014
I think I may have already commented on this a while ago, but the graphics are too muddy. I really like them to be clear. I hate having to stare at the screen to figure out what I'm looking at. Rated this a 2 because this visual style is very unappealing to me and it spoils the game play.