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Play Zombus Zombus Feb. 28, 2015
This looks really fun, but ohhhh, the controls... just no. Make W up, A left, etc. like they should be. Yeah, I know, you want it to be like steering... well, I don't. 3/5 until you give me what *I* want. I hate this steering style.
Play Neo Tower Defense Neo Tower Defense Feb. 28, 2015
For a game with (as of now) 179K gameplays, it's weird that the last comment (prior to this one, of course) is years old. As for the game itself, I liked it OK but the lack of ability to inspect the runners is a significant drawback. The factions aspect is intriguing though.
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Feb. 26, 2015
Double-click the "GO!" button for extra gold that day! *WINNING*
Play Dungeons of Kong Dungeons of Kong Feb. 26, 2015
I can open chests, but only while under attack. Seems legit...
Play Farm and Grow Farm and Grow Feb. 26, 2015
Phew... farming is hard work! Who knew??? Sadly, though, I'm not on Kong for hard work. :p
Play Zombies in the Shadow Zombies in the Shadow Feb. 26, 2015
Really like the look of this one but the controls are clunky. A few too many things to keep track of in the heat of combat, for my taste. Also there was some lag between when I issued a command and when it was carried out, making it really tough to grab things on the ground while being attacked.
Play Soul Redeemer Soul Redeemer Feb. 26, 2015
Terribly laggy on my old PC, and what's with the dots being so hard to pick up? I can stand 1 pixel away from dead on one and not get it. That plus the fact that they expire after a few seconds means this game sucks.
Play Dead Metal Dead Metal Feb. 26, 2015
Really smooth gameplay, but there's not much to keep my interest in grinding up through the various ships. There are no upgrades other than simply purchasing ships, and it takes too long to get from one to the next. There are no other bells or whistles, either, like (as petesahooligan said) items or charge-ups which could drop from the kills (aside from the coins, obviously, but those are not interesting). Really would like to see some enhancements like that added to this game, because the action is so smooth and pretty, even on my old PC.
Play Parasite Strike Parasite Strike Feb. 26, 2015
Is 5-10 minutes long enough to wait for the tutorial level to load? I don't think this thing is going to start at all on my PC.
Play i saw her standing there i saw her standing there Feb. 26, 2015
Takes too long to stop moving. I hate games like that. It's like being drunk -- I suspect.
Play Lab of the Dead Lab of the Dead Feb. 26, 2015
The military guy isn't the only one who doesn't understand what you're doing here, Doctor. I've got no idea either, so I'm moving on. I give the game 2/5 for appearing pointless.
Play Bazooki: A Silent Affair Bazooki: A Silent Affair Feb. 26, 2015
Set 9... ?!??!? Cute game though.
Play Front Runner Front Runner Feb. 25, 2015
Kinda fun but ohhhhh that mouse motion control is SO annoying. Every time my mouse pointer goes outside the game window, my ship stops. Ugh!
Play Idle Evolution Idle Evolution Feb. 25, 2015
This started off fun but later on the time between actions becomes very long. Granted it's an "idle" game, but still, it would be nice to have a little something I could do more often, other than sitting and waiting for the next molecule to appear.
Play Mechanical Commando 2 Mechanical Commando 2 Feb. 24, 2015
This is a really fun game. I do wish that the method to earn stars on each level was more clear, and that the 60-medal badge didn't take so long to earn. Despite those complaints, I still give this one 5/5 for being so much fun to play.
Play Harv-E Harv-E Feb. 23, 2015
Pretty cool but gets tedious after a while. I found most of the robot's parts but got bored before I found the last one.
Play Dragon Rescue Dragon Rescue Feb. 22, 2015
The 8th boss... seriously, how is that fun? Even at maximum speed upgrade, I can't avoid his pounces, so I just die. I've ground my skills up for half an hour to try to kill him off before that happens, and even with most skills maxed I still can't. Bad game design. Too bad; games with some thought put into the story and game play deserve better.
Play Zombie Cage Zombie Cage Feb. 22, 2015
Rotating isn't reliable. I press A or D and sometimes it turns, other times it doesn't. That makes it really tricky to play rapidly since I never know if it's going to turn or not, so I sometimes press the button twice -- but then sometimes it actually turns twice. Other times not even once! Also, the bonus problem everyone else is talking about.
Play Carveola incident Carveola incident Feb. 22, 2015
Don't ever make a game where the mouse is both aiming mechanism and screen scrolling mechanism. EVER.
Play Vampire Scent Vampire Scent Feb. 22, 2015
Nice font for the item mouseover text. I think it's called "Eyestrain Sadismo".