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Play MineQuest MineQuest Apr. 14, 2015
FTR, I've been playing this game for days now. Today's update wasn't the one which got me past the white screen I initially ran into when I tried to play this weeks ago. Also, while I'm posting... the names of the gems at the bottom of the main window are very hard to read. The glowy font is not very legible.
Play MineQuest MineQuest Apr. 10, 2015
I get a blank white window where the game should be. FF 36.0.4, WinXP, not latest flash player but not TOO old.
Developer response from truefire

Published a potential fix for this. Hopefully it'll work this time.

Play Idle Star Idle Star Apr. 10, 2015
All skills level 30. It will now take days to level up just 1 skill. I think I'm done. Kind of a neat little game; I'd like to see a bigger game built with this as just part of it.
Play Roadkill Revenge Roadkill Revenge Mar. 29, 2015
F16s for $15k? Seems legit.
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Mar. 29, 2015
Wow. I guess this must get better after the first part, because so far it just seems like the boring old days sitting at a unix terminal in college. Congrats on getting so many people to push past that!!
Play Idle Slime Miner Idle Slime Miner Mar. 29, 2015
Now the geodes have negative hit points. One hit and they "die". Heh. (I'm at floor 17550 now.)
Play IdleSpace IdleSpace Mar. 29, 2015
Is the scale at the bottom supposed to represent distance or velocity? No matter how long I let the game go, the ship doesn't seem to move any more. It's stuck a little bit past halfway, and it takes forever now to buy any more velocity upgrades.
Play Idle Slime Miner Idle Slime Miner Mar. 29, 2015
Also, I am getting negative numbers for both gold and experience on a regular basis now. It seems that the game overflows the integer storage abilities of whatever programming underlies the UI. the numbers vacillate between positive and negative.
Play Idle Slime Miner Idle Slime Miner Mar. 29, 2015
"pickaxe button ascending floor/ corn button farming floor." That is a very confusing "sentence" as it stands. Better put: The pickaxe button is for auto-ascending from floor to floor; the corn button is for farming the current floor.
Play Idle Slime Miner Idle Slime Miner Mar. 29, 2015
What's the pacifier in his right hand for?
Play Idle Slime Miner Idle Slime Miner Mar. 28, 2015
It would be easier on the eyes/brain if the stats and their prices were in different colors. As it is, it's a bit of visual work to sort out which is which, at least early on.
Play Don't Escape Don't Escape Mar. 28, 2015
I hate games like this, with all the guesswork and time wasted clicking on nothings that look like things. This looks well-done, though, so I hate to downvote it. (You may now proceed to downvote this post to assuage your rage.)
Play Waiting hero Waiting hero Mar. 28, 2015
Are the guys in the 2nd area supposed to kill me in 1 hit? Because they do.
Play ZombiUpClicker ZombiUpClicker Mar. 26, 2015
2/5 because dunno WTF you are trying to say with all this Engrish. If you can get someone to help you write understandable instructions I might be interested in revisiting this.
Play Idle Life RPG Idle Life RPG Mar. 23, 2015
"The dialog are remade with good sentence" -- seems legit ^^
Play Awesome Conquest Awesome Conquest Mar. 23, 2015
Game plays well; no glitches that I encountered. It is a good game but feels like it could use just a bit more in terms of options in the town, and of course the stuff about controlling the acts of God and all that jazz.
Play Little Protectors Little Protectors Mar. 22, 2015
Just beat the last map. I never used the bottom skill row at all. Maxing mana and then doing a triple-double gold boost for round 1 was helpful a lot of the time. Also, leeching extra lives is verrrrry good on sudden death maps!
Play IndestructoTank! AE IndestructoTank! AE Mar. 17, 2015
You know if some game developer has thought of this, the army has too.
Play Idle Evolution Idle Evolution Mar. 16, 2015
A visual indicator of which upgrades are maxed would be nice, to save us from having to mouse over each one to find out.
Play Dream Car Racing Evo Dream Car Racing Evo Mar. 15, 2015
How do we rate cars here?