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Play Chunkadelic Chunkadelic Jun. 24, 2012
Waaaa ducks awesome so nice guys =)
Play The Alone Sword The Alone Sword Nov. 18, 2011
Skelengar no worries! Glad there were things you liked about. With the controls I was really trying to do something a bit different, takes some getting the hang of but it can be really satisfying. If you didn't even get the sword you won't have had too much fun though :o) Skelengar thanks man! HEY! If you guys like this, please let other people know to play it. 230 plays isn't very many for something I poured a lot of TLC into. To be honest I (really) don't mind if people don't like it, as there are a lot of valid reasons for that, but it's sort of disappointing that more people haven't played it... Particularly as even really crappy games I've UL'd had more plays. Well anyhow I think it's because Kong reorganized their main page to not show a lit of new games. Okay again TY for the feedback, everybody!
Play The Alone Sword The Alone Sword Nov. 16, 2011
Thanks for the comments folks! The sliding motion is of course key to the way the game works, but maybe could have been toned down a bit.
Play DEATH DEATH Apr. 14, 2010
pondjumper: thank you, I really did mean it sincerely and glad you got something out of it!
Play LIFE LIFE Apr. 12, 2010
IndieGurl not exactly, no.
Play LIFE LIFE Apr. 12, 2010
Irasfel not really a joke, but not really a serious game either of course...
Play VVVVVV Demo VVVVVV Demo Jan. 10, 2010
Just bought it, the full game is magical!
Play The Left Button The Left Button Sep. 26, 2009
Awesome, hahaha.
Play Bullet Time Bullet Time May. 27, 2009
Awesome, lasted 14 seconds.