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Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Feb. 09, 2013
Trollface easter egg I just found: Jump in the up-turned pipe on evac and you won't be able to escape. Oh, and there's a picture of the trollface at the bottom.
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Jan. 13, 2013
Weird bug. Change the time on your PC and the time remaining for your trees will also change?
Play Hexagon Hexagon Oct. 07, 2012
When I first started, I thought the controls were crap too. But then I got the hang of the game and I kinda like it. The music is absolutely fantastic, and for such a simple game it's actually really addictive and fun. I enjoy a challenge.
Play Dibbles 3: Desert Despair Dibbles 3: Desert Despair Aug. 15, 2012
As good as the others, but some of the graphics don't look very good. In the previous game they looked fantastic, but the extend in particular looks a little odd and unfinished this time around. Also, climb looks bad in comparison too.
Play Colourshift Colourshift Feb. 26, 2012
Good game but... Since when did red + green make yellow?
Play My "Dear" Boss My "Dear" Boss Jan. 12, 2012
Hey, Boss, c'mere. I just want to grease you up with baby oil before I boot you out of the window. That's okay, right?
Play Raze 2 Raze 2 Dec. 10, 2011
This reaches a far higher standard than most of the games on Kongregate. Easily deserves 6 stars.
Play Tasty Planet: DinoTime Tasty Planet: DinoTime Dec. 04, 2011
Oh, and how come we go from eating time machines to eating grasshoppers? Surely the grasshoppers are smaller than a time machine that is easily ten times as big as a microscope. Not that I mind, the game is still immensely fun to play.
Play Tasty Planet: DinoTime Tasty Planet: DinoTime Dec. 04, 2011
"Meanwhile, X million years ago." Isn't that a bit of a contradiction? xD Love it.
Play Invisible Runner 2 Invisible Runner 2 Oct. 15, 2011
A nice, new concept. Yet I don't enjoy the feel of the movement. It's a little slow for my liking. The character animation is a little sub-par too. 3.5/5 (I'll round up, since I'm a nice guy.)
Play Epic War 5 Epic War 5 Oct. 15, 2011
For me, the only purpose this game served was to make me want to play the previous games. This just does not seem like an improvement. The upgrades aren't very good, and the menus are awful to navigate. It makes comparing units a chore. Overall, I get the feeling that no thought went into this during the frantic effort to crank out another game in the Epic War series, which deserves its good reputation, but will lose it if it continues down this road.
Play Interactive Bob 2 Interactive Bob 2 Jun. 04, 2011
I eat breakfast before I brush my teeth too. That way my breakfast doesn't taste of toothpaste. Besides, eating food right after brushing your teeth is kind of counter-productive.
Play Sketch Alley Sketch Alley May. 30, 2011
Okay so I've purchased both story and versus mode, and I've played them previously. It still says in the store that I've purchased them, but on the menu where you access them it's as if I still need to buy them. Bug?
Play The Adventures of Red The Adventures of Red May. 27, 2011
I love how red waves if you click on him. I also love how red is actually yellow... For that matter, I love pretty much everything about the games. Some of the puzzles are fairly unique, some are fairly old, but all are fun, and are presented in a nice way.
Play Castaway 2 Castaway 2 May. 20, 2011
I preferred the overall visuals and style of the first game, but I'm sure this will still be fun to play. :)
Play Edmus Edmus May. 20, 2011
I played this when it was first uploaded, then didn't play again until today. Just have to say good job on improving the game since it was first uploaded. Even simple things like the "Your Best Run" thing make it much nicer to play. :) Thank you.
Play Animal RaceWay Animal RaceWay May. 10, 2011
For those few dimwitted people having trouble at the start, increase your health first. If you have 8% health, then all your other stats will be diminished to 8% of their total values. It's very easy once you get your health over 75%. Keep it above that and begin to increase your other stats.
Play Edmus Edmus May. 06, 2011
And now I just saw four of myself in the same race. (Sorry for spamming)
Play Edmus Edmus May. 06, 2011
I'm guessing they're bots, since I just saw my own name on a completely different dude.
Play Edmus Edmus May. 06, 2011
I'd like to be able use the space key to jump.