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Play Sieger Sieger Oct. 07, 2010
I LOVE this game. I hope to see a sequel for sure. The aiming system is great. Some harder levels would be good, like the last one, but that's not a complaint about the game because it's amazing.
Play Johnny Copkill Johnny Copkill May. 12, 2010
Game is ok, spawning is weird sometimes. And making me go to your site to play the full game is lame.
Play Aztec Mahjong Aztec Mahjong May. 07, 2010
Either not like normal Mahjong or bugged bad. Half the time you can't remove times when there is clearly nothing blocking them.
Play Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! May. 07, 2010
I love this game. I wish there were more maps to play on. The only thing that could use some balancing is the ninjas.
Play VVVVVV Demo VVVVVV Demo Feb. 22, 2010
Mildly fun, but not worth paying for. Sorry.
Play Bucketball Bucketball Sep. 10, 2008
Power meter is really inconsistent, even small changes in power result in much more powerful jumps. The last level is stupidly difficult compared the the other 19 cakewalks.
Play The Necronomicon The Necronomicon Sep. 09, 2008
Very mediocre... too random. The element of insanity is a nice idea, but it just doesn't work out fairly IMO. You can really get screwed even if you have the advantage if your opponent goes insane. Makes it really stupid when you're close to getting to the last rank and they hit you for some obscene amount due to megolomania. Could use custom deck making IMO so that you don't get stuck with bullshit cards.
Play Amorphous+ Amorphous+ Aug. 05, 2008
control isn't precise enough and the game runs slow with any amount of enemies on screen even with the spawn cap set to 8, which actually does nothing to reduce the spawn cap. 4/5 still though as the game is addictive and fun.
Play rotaZion rotaZion Jul. 31, 2008
This game is terrible. The hit boxes of the black things are too big. If you get anywhere even near them you get popped. Sometimes there isn't even a possible way out. Games based on luck suck. 1/5
Play Ether Cannon Ether Cannon Jul. 24, 2008
Terrible game. If you aren't automatically moving after upgrading you get kamakazed and die. Terrible. 0/5 if I could.
Play Nano War Nano War Jul. 22, 2008
This game is terrible. The difficulty goes up based on brute force not strategy. In the later levels you can hardly get any bubbles just due to the fact that the enemy has so many guys. 0/5 if I could.
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Jul. 21, 2008
AI is very poor. Countries will shutdown their ports with NO deaths anywhere. 3/5 at this time.