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Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods May. 25, 2015
In TBS, the white bar should be see-through in some way. The player has to be able to see how far the blue progress bar is along while it is in the white zone. The opacity of the white zone makes aiming needlessly more difficult, especially while the score is low and the white bar is large.
Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods May. 24, 2015
Gender change shouldn't be something you have to buy repeatedly if you want to switch. Make it something you buy once and can then toggle at will, just like the other cosmetic options.
Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder May. 23, 2015
The gem display on the main game screen (once you unlock it by having gems) should also display how many gems you are going to earn on the next soft reset. It's nice that it shows how much currency you need to earn for the next gem, but to get a good idea of your progress, both of that information should be shown.
Developer response from DivineGames

You can see that in the Options tab :)

Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods May. 22, 2015
"Total GP spent" should be one of the high scores, so it's easier to compare relative power levels between players. Upgrades bought with GP are the true measure of power in this game, after all. Obviously, temporary boosts bought with GP shouldn't count towards it (or you can have two separate highscores for that.)
Developer response from Ryu82

I will probably add this in one of the next updates.

Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental May. 12, 2015
There needs to be a prestige upgrade that lets you sell more power per tick, I think. At some point you end up with almost your entire area full of capacitors, and there isn't really much you can do to mitigate the problem.
Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods May. 06, 2015
You know what would be a cool feature? All clones that are idle automatically do Powersurge. How about you let us buy that for GP?
Developer response from Ryu82

Might not be a bad Idea. I will note it down, maybe I will add this.

Play Blackmarket Blackmarket Apr. 23, 2015
the money per second indicator has weird fluctuations, even when the amount of drugs sold per second is stable and there are sufficient stockpiles.
Play Slim World Slim World Apr. 23, 2015
The text for ore gains (dark gray lumpy rock) is basically impossible to read. You need to use a very, very dark gray or black, or some lighter color.
Play Slim World Slim World Apr. 23, 2015
Tower clicking quests are very hard to do when the hero is so strong that he kills the enemies in one click. In such a case, it also takes a long time to progress through enemy levels, so those quests just take ridiculously long. Maybe make it so that if you set the hero not to work, he still goes to the arena but does not attack, so the player can do all the work with clicks?
Play Slim World Slim World Apr. 23, 2015
I got an unholy crapton of resources when opening the game after not playing the game for a couple of days. Are you sure your offline progress calculations are correct? It took a couple minutes just to count them up; you might want to streamline that as well.
Play MineQuest MineQuest Apr. 22, 2015
Sorting crafted pick components by power is also very useful. Good job!
Play MineQuest MineQuest Apr. 22, 2015
Thanks for the "buy cheapest until broke" button! Saves sooo much time!
Play Slim World Slim World Apr. 21, 2015
The miner and lumberjack can be turned off (though I have no idea what the point of that is), but the checkbox does not uncheck. So it looks like they are still turned on, but they don't actually work. The interface lies! Please fix that.
Play Planet Splitters Planet Splitters Apr. 21, 2015
Would be nice if it said on the planet overview how much the next mine costs when you hover over a planet, to let you compare more easily how much you've upgraded each planet.
Play Idle Blacksmith 2 Idle Blacksmith 2 Apr. 10, 2015
You shouldn't have the arrows switch between both bars used and type of equipment forged. That's still as clumsy and awkward to use as in the first game, though there you could skip entire ore sections. There should instead be icons that look like swords, helmets, etc. to pick what you want to make, and have the arrow switch purely between materials.
Play Frozen Islands Frozen Islands Apr. 10, 2015
Vase bomb didn't work when I unlocked it before the catapult. It only worked after I also unlocked the catapult. You may want to fix this.
Play MineQuest MineQuest Apr. 09, 2015
There needs to be a "buy cheapest until broke" option.
Developer response from truefire

There is now. Thanks for the suggestion!

Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods Mar. 26, 2015
You appear to have fixed the problem with the TBS game going too fast after rebirth, but you forgot to also fix the target area; it's still too small until the first time you hit it after ascension.
Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator Mar. 21, 2015
The Ascend bar should show how much your current energy is over the needed energy, so you can easily see how much energy you can spend and still ascend.
Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator Mar. 21, 2015
You know what would also be cool? A "You have produced X.XX since you started counting." line, with a "Reset" button next to it. You could make it possible to hide it in options, for those who don't want their unit screen any more cluttered than it already is.