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Play Lakeview Cabin Lakeview Cabin Nov. 01, 2013
I was on the toilet and died. Then went invisible
Play Extreme Missile Defense X-treme 3D Extreme Missile Defense X-treme 3D Apr. 01, 2013
Really... Full 3D support in a flash game?! You lot are a talented bunch of people. It is so extreme that you melted my GTX 980. Hope you are proud of yourself and I hope to see a #2 pretty soon. 5/5
Play goleftandright goleftandright Jun. 07, 2012
Good Idea here. Needed more tracks
Play Epic Friends Epic Friends Jun. 07, 2012
1.) Start with 4 slingshots 2.) Put One in each corner (So you get as much of the map as you can) 3.) Make them not move. 4.) Buy a sniper and place him in the middle 5.) Upgrade All except the speed (Try getting them all to lvl 3 before buying a lvl 4 for any) 6.)Buy 4 more sling shots and let them roam 7) Buy any friends you want. Works for Easy / medium + for a easy walkthrough! Thanks!
Play 6th Racer 6th Racer May. 30, 2012
Love the graphics and the idea! Would just love to see more upgrades. Maybe like different looking cars
Developer response from webgamess

I'm glad you like my game. I was thinking to make different looking cars while developing this game but the game file got quite large and adding different cars would increase the file size dramatically.

Play Pinata Hunter Pinata Hunter Dec. 19, 2011
96$ for a piece of candy?! what was inside that? Pure gold?
Play Price of a Corvette Price of a Corvette Nov. 29, 2011
Level design 10/10 Graphics 10/10 Story 10/10 Grammar 0/10
Play Shop Empire(mobile) Shop Empire(mobile) Oct. 20, 2011
breaks (freezes with a grey screen) after 3 booths being built and loading won't work
Play Reactance Mobile Reactance Mobile Oct. 06, 2011
music makes it all worth it! great game
Play A House in California A House in California Aug. 22, 2011
I am confused?! How do i put the fireflies into the Light?!
Play Cube to Cube Cube to Cube Aug. 22, 2011
Companion Cube! Yay!
Play Hack a Vista Hack a Vista Aug. 22, 2011
Wont load! Oh well, looked good and played it before! 9/10
Play escape.swf escape.swf Aug. 22, 2011
I'ts like gang rape, One starts and they all Join in!
Play Beyond the Fourth Wall Beyond the Fourth Wall Aug. 22, 2011
Yeah, it is wierd
Play Power-Copter Power-Copter Jul. 28, 2011
Are you shooting water balloons? fail 1/10
Play Sierra 7 Sierra 7 Jul. 28, 2011
+ if you want the final gun! jesus... m60 is a beast
Play Bullet Car Bullet Car Jul. 27, 2011
Amazing! Great idea! 99.99/7.2
Play Future City Attack Future City Attack Jan. 17, 2011
10/10 only cos ur name s kyle
Play A House in California A House in California Jan. 14, 2011
cant do first level!!!
Play Love Love Jan. 08, 2011
LOL it says "what s love? baby dont hurt me" lol rick roll