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Level 65 reached on 3/29/2015

Current HWoC (Huge Wave of Chaos) Story Arc: Project Overmoon
I will probably attempt to run “Help Wanted!” and the HG Randomlocke at the same time.

Master Index for my Googledoc-based projects

Journals old role list
Anyone can comment.

Discord: RaceBandit #9173
Steam: You’re more likely to find me on Steam if you add the [RB] tag to your search. Possible names: OHS NO; EVAL SANTA; Jojo Rakadan; Jojo, Hunted Magician; RaceBandit, Enragement Child
Twitch: JoshLv835

3DS friend code: 2105-9523-9346
Friend Safari Type: Psychic (Abra, Espurr, Gothorita)
Let me know if you add me on your 3DS, because some both people to add each other.

Avatar Rotation (Bolded is current avatar)
Jojo Rakadan (Huge Wave of Chaos, Author Avatar)
Jojo – Missing (HWoC)
Rex Ryjakbüv (future HWoC character? Name is a corruption of a joke guess someone made in a Hangman game: Reqx Rjakbv.)
Emboar (Pokemon)
Combusken (Pokemon)
Combusken – Greyscaled
Grumpig (Pokemon. Jojo wasn’t polymorphed into one of these.)
EVAL SANTA (Cutman’s Bad Scizzors Day)
Typhon Vex (War Metal Tyrant)
Daddy-O (Legacy of Heroes. Unfortunately, this game was shut down on 12/31/2013.)
Not so Fast (Legacy of Heroes)
Sins of the Father (Legacy of Heroes)
Ancestral Recall (Magic: The Gathering)
Beacon of Tomorrows (MtG)
Temporal Mastery (MtG)
Time Stop (MtG)
Time Stretch (MtG)
BomBoy (Mega Man Battle Network 4 and 5. Yes, I went there.)
BomBerEX (MMBN4 and 5)
Rotom (Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon)
Chess Evolved Online avatar ~ GFX 97-9-41, Color 15-18-8

Jojo avatars were made with Bannedstory.

I’ve done comics on deviantART and Let’s Plays on YouTube.

“Um… Not to question Rule 34 of the Internet, but CLEFAIRY?”


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