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Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4Nhtab4I6k

Did you know the happy birthday song is copywritten, and the rights still stand after the death of the rightful owner. If sopa was to pass I’d be jailed 20years and for singing that. -

I’ve got more cock than a besson Smith & Wesson awww yeah be honest you are sooo wet right now.-

Pain! Is the absence of TESTOSTERONE!-

My favourite colour is… CLEAR!-

I know lol I’m playing it out, we’re in alter egos atm, in irl I’m a nerd with very little friends scared of social situations who can’t communicate without a keyboard a screen, but in the online world I am known as the PUSSYSMASHERv5000-

rsh111: Who here plays ddr
RadicalRam: I play I’m having a seizure call the ambulance-


If I ever met you irl, I’d shit myself. Then I’d shit on you.-

The girls I interact with like me, since they’re drugged prior to the occasion.-

Okay, so I’m going to find out whether you’re lying or not. My method… involves… Ducks, Turtles and Foxes.-

Hey, I’m an equal opportunist hater.-

“theonefromperu: Ram.
RadicalRam: ?
theonefromperu: Let’s not rape the poor girl.”-

“kaeldra: O_O
theonefromperu: Ram.
cyndaquill15: Deal with it. It’s me.
kaeldra: CYNDA HALP!
theonefromperu: We talked about this.
cyndaquill15: What?
kaeldra: hes gonna rape me
RadicalRam: ?
kaeldra: ;-;
theonefromperu: No raping the poor girl.”

Catchphrase: Cries in a corner, When I was your age I was staring out of windows, Green onions are enough for me!-

Hometown: Don’t worry, it’s rougher than yours.
Occupation: As if.
Schools: Wots dat?
Interests: Myself.
Movies: My videos.
Music: Raw/underground hip hop, Nu metal, tATu, DNB, Dubstep etc just ask me.
Books: Boobs? Yeah I love boobs.-

My Hero’s: Patrick Star, Spongebob Squarepants, George Carlin, Fred FredBurger, Bill Hicks, Uncle Ruckus, no relation.

I live my life based on Patricks philosophy that life is just better when you do not worry – because when you worry your trouble double.

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