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Play Box Clever Box Clever Oct. 22, 2014
@ceccles628, "Does anyone else get a strange thrill from killing the diseased? Just me?" I hope you mean in the game I really do.
Play Telepath RPG Chapter 2 Telepath RPG Chapter 2 Aug. 24, 2013
If you go behind the buildings to the left after you find Guy and Anya, and fight the guy, you wont get in trouble but there will be a weird noise after every step.
Play Box Clever Box Clever Aug. 13, 2013
@ceccles628, "Does anyone else get a strange thrill from killing the diseased? Just me?" I hope you mean in the game I really do.
Play Combat Extreme Combat Extreme Jun. 13, 2013
Are they even updating this game anymore? Been a while sinc eI last played, and a ton of glitch/head spots.
Play Micro Olympics Micro Olympics Jan. 30, 2013
How times have changed, 4years ago people were obsessing with this game praising how hard it was. Now 4generations of pay to win advertisement full games and current gamers can't deal with it.
Play The Company of Myself The Company of Myself Dec. 20, 2012
Poor Jack.
Play Telepath RPG Chapter 2 Telepath RPG Chapter 2 Nov. 25, 2012
Chapter 3 is out guys, but you need to purchase it unfortunately.
Play Arcane Arcane Oct. 12, 2012
On the character arms screen click the little red arrow by "main armour" on your character and you can equip an alt armour set. Equip the alt armour set by pressing b during a fight.
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Sep. 04, 2012
The animations on this are very impressive.
Play Multitask Multitask Aug. 02, 2012
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Aug. 01, 2012
You can only store 999food. Not enough.
Play Combat Extreme Combat Extreme Jul. 04, 2012
Ugh, all of these people suggesting RPG's, noobtubes, knives, vehicles GO PLAY COD, BF3! Especially BF3, it even has JETS wow JETS yeah awesome and knives and noobtubes go play that!
Play Combat Extreme Combat Extreme Jun. 26, 2012
(comment 2)Is there anywhere that I can submit bugs and exploits to you guys, without posting them here and risking a ton of people seeing them and using them?
Developer response from CombatExtreme

Absolutely! We have http://www.combat-extreme.com/forums/ THANKS for writing that up! We really do love this kind of feedback, were not the kind of developers to ignore our players, we value our players greatly and want to make the game better in any shape or form. Thanks man.

Play Combat Extreme Combat Extreme Jun. 26, 2012
(Comment1) I'll try to elaborate, I just don't like using the comment section of a game as a thread but here we go. In the player stats, some weapons like the P90, state "0.050" fire delay and 10 damage, however in the actual game it states "1.050" delay. The Famas states 1.040 delay in game, but states 0.060 in the player stats page. I can't really list all of the guns and the different stats it shows ingame compared to player upgrade because that will take a lot of time. What I really want is the old gun speeds, the P90 felt very weak and very slow, I then checked the stats ingame and noticed they were changed, so then I went to the player upgrade page to assess each weapons new stats and found out that the player upgrade page states the old stats. If you're gonna keep the new gun stats then change them in the player upgrade, but imo you're making the game very easy and less competitive, because some guns take longer to kill then before.
Play Combat Extreme Combat Extreme Jun. 26, 2012
The new weapon statistics suck so hard, weapons are way to weak + slow.
Developer response from CombatExtreme

You do know that most of the weapons are still of the original stats right?... You say "new weapon statistics" as if you are a regular player, so if you really want this to be a good game why not be specific in telling us what we need to improve on?

Play Run Run Jun. 25, 2012
@ibe - Look at the achievements "Infinite level with 90+ difficulty completed" there are more levels than 50.
Developer response from player_03

There are 50 premade levels (in "Adventure" mode). Infinite mode is randomly generated, but random levels don't count.

Play Sugar, sugar 2 Sugar, sugar 2 Jun. 23, 2012
Yet again, a THIRD game with no fast forward/speed up button, this is pathetic. Bontegames are the laziest game developers, releasing the same game with new levels every few months, utterly pathetic that they haven't listen to just one request made several years ago plus they ignore us in the chat section.
Play Combat Extreme Combat Extreme Jun. 17, 2012
Ok, after playing this game a little bit here are my conclusions: The controls are very sluggish, the movement I got used to in 3 games, the aiming too. But the fact that you have to press sprint multiple times to get it to work, get clipped inside and out of buildings; and the fact that one flag in CTF in Prison is stuck in a van make this game rather annoying. Tons of bugs and glitches, imo this game should never have been released in it's current state, but don't get me wrong because I LOVE this game and will still play it, just a few game breakers here and there.
Developer response from CombatExtreme

Flag issue has been fixed, we have increased player speeds and closed out about 18 bugs this evening, feel free to give it another run.

Play Combat Extreme Combat Extreme Jun. 17, 2012
The controls and movement are very... sluggish, and your sensitivity doesn't drop when ADS. Other than that 5/5.
Play 3 Slices 2 3 Slices 2 Jun. 09, 2012
Finished 3 slice 100%, 2 slice and 1 slice (1561%) this game betetr get achievements.