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Play Royal Protectors Royal Protectors Feb. 28, 2015
No a bad game, but very hard on the normal level. I would suggest to use the "casual mode" as normal difficulty level, and the current normal mode as a "hard mode". this way you would get better ratings, as the game would be less frustrating. 3/5
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Jan. 28, 2015
I would prefer to just install some solar cells, less maintenance... :-D
Play Epic Time Pirates Epic Time Pirates Jan. 02, 2015
If you implement a short repetitive sample of music, a separate mute button for it is a imperative.
Play RobotPet RobotPet Dec. 06, 2014
No object collision at all, everthing moves over each other, looks weird to me....
Play Idle Recruit Idle Recruit Oct. 08, 2014
Recruit Suggestion : Cannon Fodder
Developer response from CHARLESing

See the new suggestions tab! Thanks!

Play WarLight: Multi-Player WarLight: Multi-Player Sep. 28, 2014
Northern Europe should be named Central Europe, and there should be a connection to Scandinavia. Naming western Russia "Ukraine" looks the be a little bit insensitive in the current political context. Overall a good conversion of the board game. 4/5
Developer response from FizzerWL

Check out warlight.net/maps -- there are a lot of other maps that are more detailed and accurate.

Play Blitzkrieg - Multiplayer War 2 Blitzkrieg - Multiplayer War 2 Sep. 15, 2014
Sometimes my unit don't move to the new lines for several rounds. Time limit is somewhat short. Add some terrain effects for moving speed. I really like it. 4/5
Play Calabash Bros Calabash Bros May. 31, 2014
Apart from the problems already mentioned, the game runs in a weird stop and go on my machine. not the normal flash lag, it stops every 1-3 seconds for up to 5 seconds. makes it unplayable.
Play Dig To China Dig To China Apr. 18, 2014
I like it, but would be even better, if resources wouldn't be just spread all over. I would prefer pockets and clusters, so you have to be more decisive, where to dig. Anyway, fun to play 4/5
Play 3D Viper Rush 3D Viper Rush Mar. 04, 2014
Any reason for the automatic brake before every corner? Very weird.
Play Strand Strand Feb. 26, 2014
I do hate most puzzles as being very frustrating. This one is much better, an let you apply a lot of trial and error without the need to restart. Outstanding 5/5
Play Idle Fish Idle Fish Feb. 10, 2014
Sorry but I got to observe some paint drying,... 1/5
Play Block Temple Block Temple Jan. 29, 2014
Ok, found the next level, you have to move the the tile on the green marker with middle click to reveal the stairs. Couldn't be more complicated...
Play Block Temple Block Temple Jan. 29, 2014
Going to the next floor does not function. Additionally, the concept awkward. Providing a way isn't difficult or challenging, just annoying as you have to wait for the random movement in the desired direction. I would rethink the basic concept...
Developer response from lentinant

Well, i had no intention to make some common dungeon crawler. Going to next floor function well, just read instructions, it's usefull sometimes. Don't want to wait hero to go in desired direction? Block all other directions, it's pretty simple.

Play Sappho Sappho Jan. 28, 2014
4/5 for the unorthodox setting story. Rather innovative story, for a game.
Play Strafe - WW2 Western Front Strafe - WW2 Western Front Jan. 26, 2014
I like it, but most of the time you start to focus on the radar, as the enemies rarely come close enough. maybe planes could be smaller an the view could zoom out a bit. also ammunition is unlimited, so one dedicated of firing nearly all the time, as it is not to obvious, when you hit the enemy. still... 4/5
Play Battle Rush: Tactics Battle Rush: Tactics Jan. 20, 2014
T-Formed combinations doesn't work.
Play Ixtab Ixtab Jan. 19, 2014
"... even arrows." + "enable music". Money and pickups don't fade, even after leaving a room. You can go back to the starting room for additional shopping. Very thoughtful.
Play Sandbox Hero Sandbox Hero Jan. 18, 2014
Would be nice, if one could switch off the useless background to save ones cpu time for the actual game in case of a slower machine. Also, changing rendering quality does only affect the menus, but does little on the game itself.
Play Ninja Battle Idle Ninja Battle Idle Jan. 15, 2014
Our ninja obviously prefers a choice of somewhat "passive" enemies. No wonder he never gets hit back. Or are we just witnessing his carefully planned training session?