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Hello, I am Randy. I am a good guy. I don’t follow the crowd, nor do I give in to peer pressure. I am quite a unique person; you will find no one else like me. I am a “White Knight”, but don’t do it for the attention. I do it because it is who I am. I fear no one. If someone is being attacked/bullied/ect, I will protect them(especially if they are female), whether it is one person or 10. This is a gift and a curse, which will probably get me killed one day; but I would rather die a protector than live as a coward. This doesn’t mean I am a brave person, because that isn’t something I view myself as. But if I see someone being hurt, my adrenaline explodes and I become brave. I am greatly against bullying. (not because I am or ever was bullied, but because I despise seeing it being done) I am an emotional person, in the way where stuff gets to me harder than a lot of people. An example being ~A young girl mom died and all she had of her was a locket. One day a group of people tear it away from her and hold her down as one crushes it.~Some people wouldn’t care, some would say that was low. It would make me furious because it’s a huge mental attack to her; something she will never recover from, while the group laughs it off and forgets in hours. So I have the mind of a warrior. If I see a very bad scenario, I am going to get involved knowing I could get hurt/die/ect. I accept that as a possibility and focus on giving EVERYTHING I have to protecting that person. When it comes to protecting, fighting, ect I have a NEVER give up attitude, no matter how it turns out. I am a calm person though. I prefer not to fight if given the choice.I am an equalist as well. I think if a person loves someone, they should be together no matter their race, sex, religion, background, ect. I am a Nondenominational Christian. I don’t go around trying to convert people nor attack your religion or lack thereof, so I expect the same, regardless of your beliefs. I do not care about politics, though I would consider myself a democrat if I did. I dislike religious and political debates. You aren’t going to change anyone’s mind and it is ONLY based on opinion so it’s just a waste of time. I am someone who loves to smile and laugh and will not like you if you are a negative person. There is no sense in negativity when you can be positive. I have a HUGE blonde fetish. I notice hair before anything else on a girl. I also really like jet black hair. I love petite girls.(probably because I am short) I dislike snobby girls, no matter how hot they are. I prefer sweet girls. I am a huge Mexican/Tex Mex food fan. I would eat at Little Mexico every week in my highchair. I also love spicy food. Once, to get me to stop sucking my thumb, my mom put hot sauce on my thumb. I asked for more afterwards. I am a fan of creatures such as werewolves, vampires, shifters. assassins, angels, magical casters, ect. I read alot(and say alot instead of a lot, even though I know it’s wrong), mostly fiction. I have a VERY short attention span; so reading anything that doesn’t have my full attention, people who tell stories they THINK everyone need to know, slowness, ect will lose me quickly. I am the world’s lightest sleeper. I would wake up and have someone open my door within 5 seconds afterwards. (no knock or noise at all). I have an internal clock, so I don’t need an alarm to wake me up at a certain time because I will wake up before the time.

Sincerely, The Angel of Dreams.

(I find this very touching.)

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