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Play Hordes and Lords Hordes and Lords Nov. 07, 2012
Really fun game, it is has a TON of potential. Good first release, I look forward to the next release.
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Sep. 25, 2012
Thank Zeus! I have been waiting for this game for a long time.
Play Relic Of War Relic Of War Sep. 19, 2012
Just go back to your original recipe of a screen full of random moving monsters you have to kill. This isn't bad, but that just seemed more fun.
Play Reactance 2 Reactance 2 Jun. 15, 2012
I took the initial Hull mod off, moved it to inventory, then put it into laboratory and got 1,000,000 Research Points. Is that a bug or intentional?
Play Necronator 2 Necronator 2 Mar. 05, 2012
I liked the simplicity fo the first game better.
Play Abobo's Big Adventure Abobo's Big Adventure Feb. 13, 2012
This game should be rated higher than 3.98!
Play Canyon Defense 2 Canyon Defense 2 Jan. 12, 2012
Fun and very challenging game, thank you for making it.
Play Cactus McCoy 2 Cactus McCoy 2 Nov. 11, 2011
I can't believe this came in 8th place in the October contest. Are you kidding me! It should have won.
Play Epic War 5 Epic War 5 Oct. 26, 2011
Sorry, but this is the weakest Epic War to date.
Play You Are A Box You Are A Box Oct. 11, 2011
Loads of fun!
Play Epic War 5 Epic War 5 Oct. 05, 2011
After playing it for a while now, the game feels incomplete to me. It's not "terrible" just feels 50% done. Epic War 4 is way better than this game. Needs a better upgrade system, item system, spell system, etc.
Play Epic War 5 Epic War 5 Oct. 05, 2011
Thank you for making this, I love the Epic War series and have been waiting a while for this one.
Play Prizma Puzzle Challenges Prizma Puzzle Challenges Oct. 04, 2011
Very fun game, it is easy if you just try to beat the levels, but like the developer said, try to get all stars and it is more challenging that it first appears.
Play BioGems BioGems Sep. 16, 2011
This is a very entertaining game. Probably the best I have played on here in a few weeks. Please make a sequel, thanks!
Play Parasite Strike Parasite Strike Aug. 30, 2011
Would play it if I could shot with the mouse button.
Play CycloManiacs 2 CycloManiacs 2 Aug. 19, 2011
Thank you for giving me something to do at work other than work!
Play Siegius Siegius May. 25, 2011
To tedious for me, wish you could just click on the unit and it went instead have having to place them.
Play Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! May. 11, 2011
My favorite game currently on Kong. My only suggestion would be to get rid of the fear upgrade on the crypts. Makes the game to easy.
Play Rebuild Rebuild Feb. 18, 2011
Why does this game have such a high rating? It's boring and tedious. There is really no strategy and to much micromanaging.
Play Burrito Bison Burrito Bison Feb. 18, 2011
Fun game, much better than Toss the Turtle!