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Play GRAVITY GRAVITY May. 03, 2015
Finished with 325 Deaths. So close to rage quit. 4/5
Play LolliPoop LolliPoop Jan. 20, 2015
BUG: Replaying old levels locks newer ones already completed. Also, how to get 3 stars? Points \ Speed \ Damage taken?
Play Loot Hero Loot Hero Jan. 02, 2014
Once you get the higher levels of speed the game becomes unplayable. Need an option to downgrade speed...
Developer response from VaragtP

I am working on this atm :)

Play Jim Loves Mary 2 Jim Loves Mary 2 Nov. 09, 2013
Anyone else noticed that his hand is on her chest?
Play Hexagon Hexagon Oct. 03, 2012
Got the easy badge. *My work here is done*
Play Must Escape the Ice Cave Must Escape the Ice Cave Jan. 30, 2012
Typo after using the black key - "You unlocked the door with the gold key."
Play Water Werks Water Werks May. 30, 2011
Game crushes under Chrome, sluggish in Firefox4 and works in IE8. Strange.