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Play Theme Hotel Theme Hotel Oct. 03, 2013
So, I watch a guy enter my hotel. He goes to his room, rides the elevator for a few days, walks into my arcade and destroys my machine, then has the nerve to go to my washing machine and break it also. He later rides elevator a few more days, packs his stuff and leaves. What a jerk.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 20, 2013
So, I stayed on the loading screen click the falling monsters for a few mins... Didn't realize it was done loading...
Play Crash the Robot: Explosive Edition Crash the Robot: Explosive Edition Jan. 31, 2012
Did he really just kill him self on Lv 9....
Play A little game A little game Oct. 20, 2010
;O 5 stars for a epic suspense game had em on dege of seat waiting to see -loled-
Play MoreBallz MoreBallz Jun. 12, 2010
wow i love the idea of this and its pretty epic fun ;x i thanks chu for putting it up xD 5/5
Play ShadeCircle: Multiverse ShadeCircle: Multiverse Jun. 03, 2010
>D epic 5/5 lolol make a game out of them >D
Play Flash Rpg Game Flash Rpg Game May. 27, 2010
lol idk why but its prety funny addicting even if just botton clicking simple like >D i think there should be alot more added tho ;x maybe make it a bit longer
Play RoboStrike RoboStrike May. 12, 2010
;o yea iteresting.. but a bit way ti easy ;/ like the idea tho ;x add more to it and maybe a kil more random u can just keep clicking 1 spot basicly and complete teh whole thing ;o but the fast pace would be a nice idea ;x
;-; my fav animalls save the penguins<3 D; 4/5 i likes it ;x
Play Epic hyper battle Epic hyper battle May. 06, 2010
wootz! i won oh yea uh huh -jellytiem dance- woot wootz and what stick man >@ in ur FACE 5/5 so funny xD
Play A Black Screen A Black Screen May. 04, 2010
;o omg epic <3 love it ;D 5/5
Play Super Mario Cross Over Super Mario Cross Over May. 03, 2010
ffs with the its stolen bs ;x dude stollen or not jut enjoy the freakin thing ;D
Play Super Mario Cross Over Super Mario Cross Over May. 03, 2010
;o omg epppic xD best things i've played in a while with a mario them to it <3 loved it xP omg ;x all kinds of epic 5/5
Play The Worst Game on Kongregate The Worst Game on Kongregate Apr. 27, 2010
;o omg its perfect <3 almost like a idle game ;D 5/5
Play Magic Orbs Magic Orbs Apr. 27, 2010
o-o wowness xD thnk this is best puzzle i've played in a while ;D very nice lookin easy to learn ad fun to play ;x i love ti <3
Play Train Escape Train Escape Apr. 26, 2010
;o lolol idk but it makes me laugh xP i likes it ;x 4/5
Play Slide Slide Apr. 26, 2010
;o epicnesss block dodge pwns the world ;D 5/5 ;x
Play Aengie Quest Aengie Quest Apr. 05, 2010
;D pretty nice i likes ;x
Play Swishin' Impossible Swishin' Impossible Apr. 05, 2010
>.> epic funn i just spent the tiem hitting my self on the last level xD
Play Easter Sunday Scenes Easter Sunday Scenes Apr. 05, 2010
;o this really isn't that bad xD nice idea ;x