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Play My Big Friend My Big Friend Jun. 25, 2012
Thanks to all for comments and suggestions! Your remarks and opinions are very important for me. Once again thanks =)
Play WereBox 2 WereBox 2 May. 28, 2012
The best real story ever! =)
Developer response from NewStage

Thanks, buddy)

Play Pursuit of hat Pursuit of hat Nov. 09, 2011
Excellent and sweet animation with a good idea. This game is very cool!!!
Play Ball N Cross Ball N Cross Jun. 15, 2011
Sorry, filter on Kong =( Code should be in ..this code.. (without dots)
Play Ball N Cross Ball N Cross Jun. 15, 2011
Main menu -> Level Editor -> Load (green floppy disc) -> Copy add this level-code and press 'Load' (and Test Level) ^_^ 11/7_4#0/7_4#0/0_20|0/1_20|0/2_20|0/3_20|0/4_20|0/5_20|0/6_20|0/7_20|0/8_19|1/0_20|1/1_20|1/2_20|1/3_20|1/4_20|1/5_20|1/6_20|1/7_19|1/8_19|2/0_20|2/1_20|2/2_20|2/3_20|2/4_20|2/5_20|2/6_19|2/7_19|2/8_19|3/0_20|3/1_20|3/2_20|3/3_20|3/4_20|3/5_20|3/6_19|3/7_19|3/8_19|4/0_20|4/1_20|4/2_19|4/3_19|4/4_19|4/5_20|4/6_20|4/7_19|4/8_19|5/0_20|5/1_19|5/2_19|5/3_19|5/4_19|5/5_19|5/6_20|5/7_19|5/8_19|6/0_20|6/1_19|6/2_19|6/3_19|6/4_19|6/5_19|6/6_21|6/7_21|6/8_19|7/0_20|7/1_19|7/2_19|7/3_19|7/4_19|7/5_19|7/6_20|7/7_19|7/8_19|8/0_20|8/1_20|8/2_20|8/3_19|8/4_19|8/5_20|8/6_20|8/7_19|8/8_19|9/0_20|9/1_20|9/2_20|9/3_20|9/4_20|9/5_20|9/6_19|9/7_19|9/8_19|10/0_20|10/1_20|10/2_20|10/3_20|10/4_20|10/5_20|10/6_20|10/7_19|10/8_19|11/0_20|11/1_20|11/2_20|11/3_20|11/4_20|11/5_20|11/6_20|11/7_20|11/8_19
Play Mouth not smoking Mouth not smoking Mar. 10, 2011
Very good animation. It reminded me a retro game style (Earthworm Jim, Boogerman). I like it. 5/5
Play Kill Your Nerves Kill Your Nerves Dec. 30, 2010
Perfect game! My hand... xD