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Play Fantasy Battlegrounds CCG Fantasy Battlegrounds CCG Apr. 26, 2015
Honestly the whole I don't like silverlight so 1/5 is a bit pathetic. If you don't like silverlight fine just leave, why vote on a game you haven't even played. The game overall shows some promise and currently you can grind for almost anything which should appeal to some of those who loathe p2win...
Play Fantasy Battlegrounds CCG Fantasy Battlegrounds CCG Apr. 26, 2015
Evasion is pretty broken.
Play Lionheart Tactics Lionheart Tactics Jan. 14, 2015
Xerros only units with range > 1 can attack through walls. Not an AI only advantage.....
Play Monster Battles: TCG Monster Battles: TCG Jan. 13, 2015
I generally enjoy this game a lot. One thing frustrates me though when I'm stuck on a level and have to grind for gold to buy packs in the hope of getting something that would help me win, I tend to get the same old crap again and again.
Play Forge of Gods Forge of Gods Jan. 12, 2015
Well after all the bugs I've put up with and glitches that have ruined my game I've continued to endure because the game was fun. However logging on to find my rank 34 3 weeks of work character reset was the last straw. I won't be playing this crap or recommending and will be rating it 1.
Play Forge of Gods Forge of Gods Dec. 29, 2014
@phatyjj it seems you clearly didn't read my comment. This game doesn't let you know when you d/c and while d/c no progress is saved. When starting a new game it's wise to read the comments/forums for any issues.
Play Forge of Gods Forge of Gods Dec. 22, 2014
Some advice for new players, firstly don't open the starter portal until you have both the items for god and incredible portals or else you miss the chance to unlock the incredible portal. Secondly don't refresh without claiming friend points/energy sent and doing 1 pvp or you lose them.
Developer response from Panoramik

About losing rewards, is this happens all the time or just once? I can't reproduce this bug, maybe there was something special that you can remember?

Play Forge of Gods Forge of Gods Dec. 19, 2014
Only one issue I have with this game is it doesn't let you know when you've disconnected so you keep playing while in reality making no progress because as soon as you refresh it's reset to the point where you d/c.
Developer response from Panoramik

Thank you for the report, we'll try to find when this message doesn't appears and fix it asap.

Play Party Of Heroes Party Of Heroes Dec. 09, 2014
This game is going from enjoyable to terrible the more I play, mainly due the game being designed as a huge money pit. The way evolution is set out makes it almost impossible for f2p or even very small spenders to have a decent team. Given that epic evolution requires a further epic to evolve this is difficult f2p who struggle to get even 1 epic, the only reason it'd require other epics is greediness to encourage spending. I appreciate devs wanting to make money but its a few steps too far in this game.
Play Tamer Saga 2 Tamer Saga 2 Dec. 09, 2014
Not a kong only server, therefore worthless.
Play Aviator Aviator Sep. 17, 2014
The game is good, if you don't mind the fact you can only play for 10 mins every 2 hrs. You really need to remove some of the level restrictions on planes because that combined with the 10 mins play per 2hrs massively slows down story progression making it a dull grind.
Play Dragon Eternity Dragon Eternity Aug. 29, 2014
cross platform no ty, when I start a "new" game and every name I go to choose is already taken I know it's a waste of time to play it.
Play Shadow Era Shadow Era Mar. 28, 2014
Taking 4 clicks for 1 attack is also tedious and unnecessary with 5 cards on the field that's 20 per turn...
Developer response from WulvenGames

You can also drag and drop cards to sacrifice/cast/attack, we'll have to make this more obvious in the future ;)

Play Shadow Era Shadow Era Mar. 28, 2014
Needs a Kong only server, having to try names for 10minutes before I find one which is free is very off-putting. Joining us with a server with people months ahead is also offputting, you seem to not understand this by saying it's not pay to win. That's not the only only concern, playing with people who have months of experience/rewards more than us is not fantastic. Honestly I don't really see this game succeeding here at all.
Developer response from WulvenGames

Good point about choosing a player name. A name suggestion helper could be useful there. However, by having a single server you'll always have multiplayer opponents ready to fight. Multiplayer rankings are reset every month, and it doesn't take too long to grind your way to a competitive deck if you don't want to spend money. If you'd rather save your time, top tier competitive decks can be assembled for just $20. This is a game of skill rather than requiring you to level up cards or spend a lot of money, which is why I stand by the decision to have one server for all platforms...

Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 06, 2013
The game seems to freeze a lot randomly, for example after saving and when starting the battle with behemoth.
Play Dungeons of Kong Dungeons of Kong Oct. 31, 2013
There's a bug with the staff of teleportation, sometimes when using it your character freezes without moving and you cannot progress any further due to being unable to end your turn.
Developer response from nerdook


Play Ashtaria Ashtaria Sep. 25, 2013
Seems like it COULD be promising however the energy regen is far too slow, this will put many people off the moment they are blocked from progressing. I suggest you either speed up energy regen to 1 a minute or increase xp gained so you level up and restore full energy more often because having to stop after a few lvs barely gives you a taste of the game and doesn't encourage people to stay.
Play Mech Conquest Mech Conquest Sep. 08, 2013
Some of the achievements are broken.
Play Mech Conquest Mech Conquest Sep. 07, 2013
Why no mute button?
Play Cyberpunks vs Syndicates Cyberpunks vs Syndicates Aug. 14, 2013
The game is enjoyable, I'm impatiently looking forward to additional content.
Developer response from mososh

Thanks, Realta! Trying to get the next mission up and running sometime next week.