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Play Escape From Caveman Escape From Caveman Apr. 17, 2014
I agree, very flawed.
Play Road so Far Road so Far Apr. 14, 2014
dash doesn't work
Developer response from ShadowXX91

You have to hold it.

Play BLEACHED BLEACHED Apr. 12, 2014
Really hard.
Play Feed Us Happy Feed Us Happy Apr. 10, 2014
I love the Feed US series. Maybe you could come up with a mutant version that goes through the ocean or an adventure quest series that would open new maps and new things to kill.
Play SideQuest SideQuest Apr. 03, 2014
Not able to get started.
Developer response from FractalGames

Hey there, sorry you're having problems! If you can give us some details on what you're experiencing we'll try to help you out!

Play Bike Bike Mar. 31, 2014
Not ready to publish. No instructions on how to operate bike and biker does a summer sault in air and dies instead of landing flat on the ground.
Play Vault Princess Vault Princess Mar. 30, 2014
So, I am confused. I get the lock pick out and he just stands there with his thumb up his butt. I tell him to use it and he puts it away. Same with the med kit.
Developer response from alexsilent

You need click one more time on same button to use bomb, medkit or picklock. Not a "USE" button. Choose the hack tool and click on the control panel. I'll need make more help in game.

Play MyLandsUKVersion MyLandsUKVersion Mar. 23, 2014
The whole game does not fit in the screen.
Play Colors of a Feather Colors of a Feather Mar. 21, 2014
Well, I personally would not have moved in with a drunkard. I would have preferred the outdoors man. The game did not seem to give you a choice. I noticed the barmaid' name was Vivi. Is she he bird?
Play Loot Heroes Loot Heroes Mar. 20, 2014
As soon as he started level 2 he started running all over the perimeter of the area. I had no control of his movements.
Play Forgotten Chronicles: Pagoda Forgotten Chronicles: Pagoda Mar. 18, 2014
I actually got the pipes! OMG!
Play Forgotten Chronicles: Pagoda Forgotten Chronicles: Pagoda Mar. 18, 2014
So I am confused with the pipes. They don't snap into place, they don't turn, I am not sure where they are supposed to connect to, and there isn't even a walkthrough to show you how.
Play Bullistic STAMPEDE Bullistic STAMPEDE Mar. 15, 2014
every time I press the space bar the whole screen jumps up. Also, you need a restart and upgrade store.
Developer response from MillipedeCD

Thanks - we'll see if we can fix that!

Play The Solomon Circle The Solomon Circle Mar. 08, 2014
Play The Solomon Circle The Solomon Circle Mar. 08, 2014
"Have faith, you can walk on air." NOT You fall to death.
Play Horrorific DEMO Horrorific DEMO Mar. 05, 2014
Way too short. Not worth playing.
Play 3316 Challenge 3316 Challenge Mar. 02, 2014
I don't get it. Maybe a tutorial is needed?
Play Gas Blast Gas Blast Mar. 02, 2014
Yes! I made it which means this game is perfectly fine.
Play Castle Idle Castle Idle Mar. 02, 2014
No graphics is major boo.
Developer response from WarriorsBattle

I like to focus on gameplay rather than graphics see Idle Walk maybe youll like that

Play Awakened_Part1 Awakened_Part1 Mar. 01, 2014