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Play Deliberate Room Escape Deliberate Room Escape Jul. 23, 2013
The mute button does not work.
Play Skills Idle Skills Idle Jul. 02, 2013
There seems to be a bug with the bluegills they show up as NaN and I am not getting any xp.
Play Shapik: the quest Shapik: the quest Jan. 04, 2013
There is a hint right next to the panel it took me some time to get it but there really is no need to try every combination.
Play Spikes Tend to Kill You 2 Spikes Tend to Kill You 2 May. 01, 2012
Finally beat it. Quite a nice game but nothing could force me to play it ever again.
Play Heroestick Heroestick Mar. 06, 2012
Strange to see such a game under the category top rated.
Play MC2 : Burning Skies MC2 : Burning Skies Jul. 15, 2011
A good game with levels which needs some skill to get through and those who think it is to hard should play the old top-down-shooters in before. These were hard games even on easy diffiiculty setting and there was no retry either get through or start all over was the motion in these times. So all in all stop whining and apreciate a good and challenging game a bit more.
Play Give Up, Robot Give Up, Robot Aug. 27, 2010
I played it before and I still don´t really like it. The controlls feel off and on Kon it lags without any reason. So all in all Id say 2.5 out of 5 but there are just a 2 or a 3 so I choose a 2.
Play iGod iGod Jul. 11, 2010
God: What are you doing Me: listening to musik God: Ich hoere am liebsten Techno, aber manchmal auch Opern. - it just talked in german for a while now i am irritated 0_0
Play Monster Basement 2 Monster Basement 2 Oct. 02, 2008
found a cool bug if you restart the game after the ending you are killed after getting the dvd equal what you do