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Play Invert Selection Invert Selection Aug. 23, 2014
The best ways to solve this is to just DO the puzzles... experiment! Trying various things will eventually reveal the solution... sitting there thinking about it will just stump you.
Play Escape The Box Puzzle Escape The Box Puzzle Jan. 31, 2014
Fantastic idea, easy to understand and play. Only problem is once you get the yellow block the puzzle increases a ton in difficulty. But then once you solve that part and get the red block it's a breeze. Needs some polishing up, of course, with the graphics and controls, as well as, perhaps, some puzzle tweaking, to make the difficulty balanced all the way through. But all in all, a solid foundation.
Play Connect Mania Connect Mania Sep. 29, 2013
Agree with aarjay... also, the difficulty curve seems to skyrocket when you hit level 11... you kind of have to rely more on luck to get the right sequence of dots to drop the black ones. The shapes levels were a great challenge, though!
Play i saw her standing there i saw her standing there Apr. 24, 2012
quite an interesting game... one of the levels was a bit more difficult than the rest (I think it's the one right before you get the gun the first time), but after a couple tries, it was overcome, as love always does! ;)
Play 5 Differences 5 Differences Jun. 17, 2011
easiest way to do it? do it cross-eyed. Pretty interesting spot-the-difference game... I have done several of these, but never were the pictures animated.
Play Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Complete 2 May. 03, 2011
Also, I am using Google Chrome
Play Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Complete 2 May. 03, 2011
I seem to have come across a bug.... During the boss battle, my game suddenly shut down, leaving only a white screen with a grey exclamation mark. nothing seemed to be happening. then when I tried reloading the page, what comes up is "Yeah like whatever you say Dahhlin. Leave us men to speak and get out."and "New Medal! New Medal New Medal" I can't click anything in the game window. help?
Play Chibi Knight Chibi Knight Apr. 24, 2011
Hey all who are having trouble with the control glitch: Try using another browser... Chrome or Firefox do not have this glitch.
Play DuBlox DuBlox Mar. 10, 2011
I would like to add something to all that has been said by those who are defending this game... take FPS's for example. Now, would you all agree that Call of Duty is a ripoff of Medal of Honor? Or is it the other way around? They both feature soldiers in pretty similar environments, with enemies firing back at you, and guns that are the same weapons in each of the series (AK-47's and all that). They each present the player with a series of missions, which you have to beat in order to progress through the story.
Play All Blocked In All Blocked In Feb. 10, 2011
The "Exit Game" button needs to be fixed on the game over screen... for me, playing using Google Chrome, all it does is make a dropping sound.
Play Bubble Tanks 3 Bubble Tanks 3 Feb. 09, 2011
Just glitched it... somehow I was happily going along, my basic cannon and 4 5spreads firing away, and a couple of helpers aiding me, when all of a sudden, all the enemies and bullets froze, though I was still able to move around but not fire my guns. Then when I tried to exit the bubble, I too then froze. Now I can't do anything but refresh the page. BTW, I am using Google Chrome, if that has anything to do with it.
Play All Blocked In All Blocked In Feb. 01, 2011
I managed to get into the upper right corner, and just sit there without moving, thereby getting any score I want, without having to dodge the cubes or pick up the blue ones.
Play Inside Job Inside Job Jan. 24, 2011
Definitely got some potential... Right now, it's a good game; with some work it could be an awesome game.
Play Grokion: Inception Grokion: Inception Jan. 23, 2011
I am stuck in room GN (x,y) and am trying to get to room BO, since that's where the green objective dot is. however, room GN is easily traversable from left to right, but I can't see how to get from right to left. help?
Play Bump n Drop Bump n Drop Jan. 22, 2011
Every so often the ball will just go right through the barriers, instead of rebounding off of them. this will often happen on the lower barriers, resulting in a lost ball.
Play Grokion: Inception Grokion: Inception Jan. 21, 2011
Not to be picky, but is there any way to add a save feature? It would be nice to return to the spot where you left off, rather than starting from the VERY beginning. But after the new crosshair and custom controls implementation, this is becoming a great game! Keep up the good work!
Play Grokion: Inception Grokion: Inception Jan. 21, 2011
Definitely speed up the arm aiming movement, and a crosshair would be excellent... it makes it kind of difficult when you change direction and the aim is also changed... no quick escapes.
Play BeGone BeGone Jan. 21, 2011
Definitely more weapons, maps, soldier classes, reduced recoil effect, either gradual healing or health packs, and pickups, whether extra ammo or new guns. Also, the shadows are too dark... there should be some sort of very soft light opposite the Sun Light, because no shadow is truly black on a sunny day.