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When a portal to the future mysteriously appeared, humans across the world rejoiced, anticipating cures for diseases and blueprints for flying cars. Instead, future mankind used it to dump all their difficult-to-recycle garbage.

But amid the piles of fax machines and iPads, other strange parts would sometimes be discovered that caught the attention of rummaging scientists. Once the parts were painstakingly reassembled, the sentient machines sprung to life, murdering their creators/captors and escaping to freedom (no one knows why the scientists kept assembling them after the first few incidents).

While some machines were once peaceful servants in their own world, the shock of a primitive past and sketchy reassembly procedures have left them hostile toward humans. "These are aggressive living things with no idea what century they're in, and they'll defend themselves, violently if necessary" - Dr. Sattler
Characters (click card to see back)

Angelan Series D, the Covert Operative

A stealthed, deadly, unpredictable killing machine, Angelan just might be behind you RIGHT NOW!

Strengths: Avoiding damage, high burst damage, range flexibility
Vulnerabilities: Dark magic, setup time

Gorbax-Mark 2, the War Machine

Extremely powerful yet somewhat clumsy, Gorbax must lock on to targets before unleashing his arsenal with any reliable accuracy.

Strengths: Physical defense, high health, high damage, long-range combat
Vulnerabilities: Dark magic, setup time

B9, Enviro-Control Robot

Originally developed by Child Protective Services, B9 doubles as an oddly effective combat machine.

Strengths: Range flexibility, healing allies, hindering enemy actions
Vulnerabilities: Dark magic

IBO-K9, the Artifical Companion

Highly mobile and fiercely loyal, IBO's bark and self-destructive explosions are even worse than his bite.

Strengths: Mobility, team utility, range flexibility
Vulnerabilities: Low health, low damage not involving self-destruction

MR-V1N, the Synthetic Depressive

Meh, what's the point...

Strengths: Slowing down and draining energy from enemies, high dark magic resistance
Vulnerabilities: Light magic, deals low damage
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Robots original

Energy Core

The Energy Core allows for a high amount of burst damage when used with high-energy abilities. Particularly effective against full enemy teams with Gorbax-Mark 2.

Z-Phase Converter

Like the Energy Core, the Z-Phase Converter can enhance high-cost burst damage, though in a bit more of a sustained fashion.

Omega Boosters

Slightly less effective with Angelan Series D due to half her attacks being physical, but overall a rounded item that deals a bit of extra damage.

A66 Capacitor

Meshes especially well with Gorbax-Mark 2's innate ability, since getting him to 0 energy doesn't require much planning.
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Robots r1

Null Matrix

If a specific enemy item is proving particularly bothersome, just switch in a robot with the Null Matrix equipped.