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Play Caps Caps Oct. 09, 2009
Nice little time waster. Good concept and very easy to pick up. The implementation of the undo button was a good idea and saves people from restarting the whole level again.
Play Bunny Charm Bunny Charm Sep. 02, 2009
Very decent game. I did have some problems with the easy and medium badges not recording my score, though it looks like more the chat than anything. As for gameplay the only problem I had was the mines and traps, I felt it was not needed and only use it as a after thought, also it was a little hard to implement them when you are shooting at the same time.
Play Grand Prix Tycoon Grand Prix Tycoon Mar. 27, 2009
A decent game with a few problems especially in the qualifying where its almost impossible to get above last place. For the people that are having problems initially you will crash at least every second race, as long as you upgrade the driver and invest in research you will start to consistently win from Race 8 onwards.
Play Remnants of Skystone Alpha Remnants of Skystone Alpha Nov. 17, 2008
What a nice game and it has so much potential. While only in Alpha it has exceeded expectations unlike the other premium games. All I can say is there may be many wasted hours on my part when this is fully released.
Play Vectorious Vectorious Nov. 13, 2008
Found the game to be a bit bland but maybe its more enjoyable as a multiplayer game. I too also had the game freezing in the middle of the game as mentioned by others comments.
Play 99 Bricks 99 Bricks Nov. 04, 2008
Very nice and enjoyable game. It looks simple at first but it does need some thinking to create a stable tower. I especially enjoy how the physics works with each block, with it being different depending on how you put it. This is a type of flash game that people would be able to play either for a few minutes or countless hours trying to better their score. Of course for future games you might want levels or different modes but personally I like these simple games.
Play Warfare: 1917 Warfare: 1917 Oct. 21, 2008
Yep the only problems I had was how the morale worked and the accuracy of their artillery which seems to be at about 90% rate on my trenches . In terms of morale I've taken most of the territory and was about to win by conquest until I suddenly lost due to morale even though I had about 5 units still alive in the other trenches. So with those two problems improved it might help the game be more fair but you should be able to win eventually, and I doubt there would be improvements on this game anyways but maybe for a sequel.
Play Meat Boy Meat Boy Oct. 11, 2008
Great game don't really need to say anything about it because most have said it. But the only problem I have is the Newgrounds link in the game which I seem to click almost every time I press the 'go back' button which is really annoying and I can't prevent (Though it could be me and my computer).
Play Achilles Achilles Aug. 18, 2008
Well there seems to be a glitch where the boss actually doesn't turn up, I've been walking for about 10-15 minutes and no stage boss appearing.
Play colourPod 2: dimensionPod colourPod 2: dimensionPod Aug. 18, 2008
Very nice improvement on the original game. I found this to be more difficult than the previous one, due to the fact that the amount dimensional shift you had to do as you continue onto harder levels. Pretty decent power ups and very catchy music as well. Overall a pretty decent game.
Play Double Bubble Double Bubble Aug. 04, 2008
Nice game and concept except it is a demo, so there is really not any point of playing because how short it is.
Play Amorphous+ Amorphous+ Aug. 03, 2008
This may have some flaws in terms of gameplay but its is still strangely addictive. Originally it seemed a average game but it has this trait of drawing you into playing it.
Play Robomaro Robomaro Jul. 17, 2008
A nice and simple game but it does get a little boring very quickly. I found that the robot power-up reacts too slow when he initially gets it which could cost you some kilos or a life in the latter levels, also the mouse tends to go all over the place every once and a while. Overall a pretty good game.
Play Logo Finder 4 Logo Finder 4 Jul. 15, 2008
Nice work lartar, improved from the previous one. Anyways I found a spelling mistake with Cartoon Network, because it has a 's' on the end of 'Network' which shouldn't be on it. Also I'm still suffering from lag but it doesn't really affect the gameplay.
Play Pop Pirates Pop Pirates Jul. 13, 2008
Its good game for beginner players because of its simplicity, while at the same time the difficulty latter makes it fun for the more advance players. There are some problems such as the the inability to see the enemies bullets later on in the game, which is mainly the result of too many weapons on screen. Another would be when you lose your power-ups, which pretty much kills you in the harder levels. Anyways I love the retro feel to the game.
Play Typing Ninja Hunter Typing Ninja Hunter Jul. 10, 2008
Well I haven't played this since its been released on Kongregate, though its a good concepts there are many things that need to be improved. Firstly the misspelling of words and inappropriate words, its kind of annoying seeing 'mpact' and 'offe'. Also to compound the 'offe' problem, there is a glitch where you cannot attack that ninja. Another problem would be this issue of difficulty, I enter the normal difficulty and play; then it ends up being on the easy level. Lastly the bosses sometimes glitches, pressing the specified button doesn't work which is really frustrating. Overall it looks like it didn't improve since I last played it.
Nice little game. Perhaps have a bigger screen and make the game longer, or you can have a infinite mode. Overall its something you can enjoy for a few minutes.
Play Hamnster Hamnster Jun. 08, 2008
Sorry, this game has already been uploaded by its creator Jhelle. So in other words its stolen.
Play Fast Tunnel Fast Tunnel Jun. 06, 2008
Pretty simple game but as mentioned there were some impossible paths. Anyways when I was playing it just froze, it was when I died and pressed the enter key. Though its only occurred once for me.
Play Jamag Jamag May. 18, 2008
Nice little game, the premise is simple being a mouse avoider with a goal at least. Having the bullet time is very useful and it is good that you would lose points if you use. Also having explosion every 10 circles helped me a lot tight situations. But there is one problem that has occurred when I'm was typing this comment is the game screen has turn pink when I've scrolled up to look at the screen again, though its only happen once and its probably my computer.