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Play Neo Circuit Neo Circuit Jan. 13, 2012
Short update on the update :). I have to rework the savegame to support more difficulty levels. Will take the whole weekend. So update will take till sunday. Hope you got some patience. Update will include an easy mode, reduced difficulty levels, and absurd (very hard) mode, adjusting of the colors (for colorblinds) and some smaller bug fixes.
Play Neo Circuit Neo Circuit Jan. 13, 2012
If everything goes smooth I will upload a new version tonight. It will include a easy and a absurd (very hard) mode. Absurd and Hard mode will be unlockable.
Play Neo Circuit Neo Circuit Jan. 11, 2012
I just added the kongregate API to the game. At the moment only number of beaten levels for normal and hard mode. Let me know if you have any ideas for more statistic, and lets hope that Kong will add some badges :))
Play Neo Circuit Neo Circuit Jan. 08, 2012
Thanks so much! I am overwhelmed by all the great feedback I am getting here. I currently learn a lot and I will definitely try to improve the next version of Neo Circuit to address most of the issues you brought up. The next updated version will only fix some major bugs, as the save problem and some smaller issues. To fix the balancing is much tougher, because I have to replay all the levels and check if they are still challenging enough. I am already planning a second version, where all the great feedback from you will go into. So I am very open for more suggestions...keep it coming. Its much appreciated! Please be a little patient, I got a full time job to fulfill as well! :)