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Play Heir Heir Aug. 23, 2010
It wont even load
Play Ghostscape 2 - The Cabin Ghostscape 2 - The Cabin Jul. 31, 2010
wow that was a good game, the doll was disturbing but i give this a 5/5 but it's not as scary as the first one. PLEASE MAKE A SEQUAL! ( Ghoustscape 3)
Play SteamBirds SteamBirds Jul. 28, 2010
This is an awsome game it kinda reminds of the that movie pearl harbor and airplanes :D
Play 24 days in the mall 24 days in the mall Jul. 26, 2010
OMG this is so stupid how they make games that i CAN'T PLAY. For instance, my keyboard sucks......ok....... everytime I press the arrow keys or asdwqef and all of that it gets stuck which really flips me off. So i just punch my computer screen and walk away...... oK it is a good game but switch the controls
Play Sushi Cat The Honeymoon Sushi Cat The Honeymoon Jul. 24, 2010
I got stuck D:
Play Assembler 3 Assembler 3 Jul. 24, 2010
mute button would be nice
Play Fantastic Contraption 2 Fantastic Contraption 2 Jul. 24, 2010
wow, i knew they would make you pay for more levels and a big hint for you people, who would spend 20 bucks for a bunch of levels on a computer game? its like seriously ur only making people down rate your games by doing that....
Play Tower Core Tower Core Jul. 16, 2010
what do u sacrafice to the tiki head when u give him an apple and he gives the red gem but the door doesn't open and i already beat both of the towers except the spirit 1
Play Electric Box Electric Box Jul. 15, 2010
nvm i finished them all, nice game
Play Electric Box Electric Box Jul. 15, 2010
now im stuck on 13 or 14
Play Destroy the village Destroy the village Jul. 14, 2010
wow the game is good but the blast radius sucks......... i could land a missle inbetween 3 people and MAYBE 2 ppl might die but thats all..... try to fix ...
Play Cube Core Cube Core Jul. 14, 2010
what do u do with the knife
Play Electric Box Electric Box Jul. 14, 2010
i can't get past level 9 :D epic fail
Play Medical School Medical School Jul. 14, 2010
i sometimes couldn't tell if the patients with chest pain either have Aortic Dissection or teitze's syndrome
Play Block N Roll Block N Roll Jul. 13, 2010
CHange the controls my keys get stuck to the keyboard
Play Draw-Play 3 Draw-Play 3 Jul. 13, 2010
k yea i can't even play the game because my keyboard keys get stuck and he just jumps off the cliff
Play Days 2 Die - The Other Side Days 2 Die - The Other Side Jul. 09, 2010
thats a really good game but healthpacks would be nice too with some more guns and make it so that each zombie doesn't do 10 damage each lol
Play Monster Basement 2 Monster Basement 2 Jul. 07, 2010
Play Monster Basement 2 Monster Basement 2 Jul. 07, 2010
how do i get the wrench?
Play Monster Basement 2 Monster Basement 2 Jul. 07, 2010
whenever i call handy man he says "closed and it's 2:05 Am"