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    Aug. 06, 2013

My OTP is Kurkri, Kurloz and Kankri matesprits
. I don’t know what my favorite game is :(……..

My favorite human is Dave Strider Knight of Time turntectGodhead (TG)
My favorite troll is Gamzee Makara Bard of Rage terminallyCapricious (TC) 3rd on the hemospectrum highest of the landwellers blood color indigo QuIrK iS lIkE tHiS killer of Nepeta Leijon, the Rogue of Heart and Equius Zahhak the Heir of Void :’( he also is the decendent of the Grand Highblood the alternian version or Kurloz Makara the Prince of Rage. Gamzee is the second troll you meet. He is moirails with Karkat Vantas the Knight of Blood, kismesis with Terezi Pyrope the Seer of Mind and has a flush crush on Tavros Nitram, the Page of Breath. And that is Gamzee Makara everybody :o)

Rufioh Nitram is the Rogue of Breath he is the 10th on the hemospectrum with a blood color of light brown. His quirk is putting 1s in places for ies like in my name. His alternian version is the Summoner, being Tavros Nitram’s ancestor. His matesprit is Horuss Zahhak, Page of Void, his alternian version is Executor Darkleer, Equius Zahhak’s ancestor. Horuss has the blood color of dark blue, being 4th on the hemospectrum. That is Rufioh Nitram everyone }:)

Eridan Ampora is the Prince of Hope. His blood is purple and he is second on the hemospectrum. His ancestor is Orphaner Dualscar, the alternian version of Cronus Ampora the Bard of Hope. Eridan has a black crush on Sollux Captor the Mage of Doom. Solllux’s blood is mustard and his ancestor is the Psionic, the alternian version of Mituna Captor, the Heir of Doom. And the last boy, Kankri Vantas is the Seer of Blood. his blood is red. His alternian version is the Sufferer, being Karkat Vantas’s ancestor.And that is our twelve boy trolls, betas and alphas. Thanks for reading :o) HoNk HONK, }:), and (:B

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