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FaZe RuSShii- Proud member, also THEE creator of FlaMe Clan. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rank 5 for CS Portable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Supporter for Mt. Eden Dubstep....may it last for a lifetime! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pro at online games such as CoD, Battlefield, Brink, and etc. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Also support the EA group for Mass Effect for the 67% of ME3 fans who support the search for Miranda Lawson in ME3. She's missing and being tracked by Cerberus assassins. We NEED her. I won't buy the whole Mass Effect series just to see Miranda dead in ME4. And guess what? Bioware (or EA, I forgot their all so similar :P) is working on Dragon Age 2! I'm looking forward to seeing my Isabela. Maybe by then I can have a kid...I'll name him Hawke Jr. Or if it's a girl it can be Isabelle! (Instead of Isabela.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Last night at the Citadel, was the LAST time I cradled Miranda in my arms....she was crying in my arms, I SWORE to her that we would make it and that's what I'll do. I wont let ANYONE hurt her....I love her with all my heart. And I wanted her father to know, that I'm doing what he never and should have done, which was LOVE HER. So when I had my gun pointed to his face, I told him, ''I did what you never could have done.'' He smirked and told me brutely, ''And what that be?'' I told him with a strong tone, ''Cherished your daughter. I love her, unlike you who doesn't care and would rather make her work like a dog! And to sweeten the tone, you were going to replace her like she did nothing for you! Where'd you get all this money huh? Your daughter! And you would rather throw her away for all she's given you!'' Henry (Henry Lawson, Miranda's father) winced and shook. He knew I was right, but his life was over he was going to be arrested and possibly even killed. What could he even think to do? He spoke with a less harsh and more sincere tone of voice, ''I know, but YOU know nothing. Despite what she told you, it was hard. I got in with the dealers, when your in, you can never go back. I was forced to give them a regular check of money every WEEK. And if I didn't he would kill ALL of us. And I thought creating them was a way to help me, I loved them, I truly did...but I knew emotions with them was no way to continue supplies with the dealers. I truly wish I could take back what I did to everything and everyone. But I can't go back now.....I'm sorry. I only replaced them or at least tried because I knew that they would start to hate me for the way I was treating them...I did it for their good! I didn't want Miranda to be scarred.....'' Henry looks down in shame. I see tears form in his eyes. I look behind me and turn to Miranda. She has her hand on her face and is sobbing....I hate to see her like this, so go up and kiss her on the forehead and then hug her. It stays like this for minutes...then Henry starts chanting to himself saying, ''I'm so so sorry, I didn't mean to do it, I'm so so sorry, I didn't mean it..I..I just,'' then the unthinkable happens so fast..Henry runs toward the window. I know what he's doing, he's going to jump. Knowing what he plans to do, I let go of Miranda and run toward him with full speed..but a hand reaches out to me. It's Miranda. She tells me with tears in her eyes, ''He's doing what he should have done a long time ago. Finish things, set things right.'' With hearing Miranda's rejection of running after him, I'm forced to watch Henry jump. The last 5 seconds are hard to watch, like having to watch a dog being tortured in a cruel and sick way. 2 seconds, he jumps. 1 second, he breaks through the glass. And then nothing. No screams, no thump sound, no nothing. It's known that if you scream when do the big jump, you really regret it, you wish you hadn't jumped, but better yet, you didn't do what you did in the past. As seconds past after Henry jumped, I decide to look down, to see how far he really jumped, and in fact if he could have survived the fall... I look down, to see floors and floors and then....black empty nothing. It looks like it's dug right down to the bottom layer. He couldn't have survived that surely, could he? I turn back, and shake my head. Miranda doesn't frown nor does she smile. Instead she exhales with a sigh, I can't even imagine what she's been through. I signal to the other crew who are silent and shaking with fear that they can leave. Miranda is left...She slides down the wall and sighs. I, in turn, do the same. I turn to look at me. To me discovery, she's done the same for me. She comes to talk first, ''That was horrific Shepard, but I want to thank you, you've not only saved Oriana, but you've saved me. And for that I want to give you something,'' I wonder, what could it be? She leans over and kisses ME. She leans over, which I instinctively wrap my right arm around her waist. Then from there, I put my left hand on her jawline. She repeats the same, but with her right arm flowing over my shoulder. We stay like this for several seconds, until, of course Jacob interferes and opens the door. ''Are you guys coming or..?'' Then, he pauses when he sees the scene. We both quickly take our arms off, and remove ourselves from one another. I take point in talking, although stuttering, ''Umm..yeah yeah...she...umm...Miranda was just thanking me for doing this for her''. I start to blush, I see Miranda blushed too. Jacob not wanting to continue with the conversation any further drops it. ''Ok, whatever, let's just go.'' Miranda and I agree at the same time, ''Yeah, let's...get out of here.'' While Jacob rushes out, I decide to be man and let Miranda go first. As she passes, she turns to look me and gives me a smile, I knew what she was smiling for. In turn, I smiled back. That's when we boarded the Normandy and got out of there. When we got back to the Citadel, I went inside Miranda's cabin. She smiled as she saw me approach her. Instead she got right and lead me to her bedroom. She gently forced me to sit on the bed. She sat on my knees, I started to speak, but she put a light finger on my lips. ''You can speak later,'' she said with smirk on her lips. She slowly unzipped her suit, and pushed me down to a laying position on the bed. I knew what was going to happen, and I went with it. She took off my vest and then started to kiss me, I didn't hesitate nor was I reluctant. At this point, she loved me, and I loved her. I closed my eyes and continued.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------This was written all by listening to Mt. Eden Dubstep. As you can see I'm a writer, and soon one day will become an author. Until then, I will be watching Castle and playing Kong with all my fans and friends. Peace to you all. -FaZe RuSShii. -Commander Shepard -Russhie56

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