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Play Magi: The Fallen World Magi: The Fallen World Apr. 28, 2011
This game sucks balls, why would you make it so grindfull... with no gamedevelopment what so ever except for the few skills you get and some useless items. Special mobs don't even drop special stuff :-/ *-1*
Play Talesworth Adventure Ep. 1 Talesworth Adventure Ep. 1 May. 18, 2010
Wow got bored of the gameplay after 7 games xd
Play SteamBirds SteamBirds Mar. 29, 2010
5/5 great gameplay
Play 4 Differences 4 Differences Feb. 01, 2010
Keep up the good work ^^
Play Blocks With Letters On Blocks With Letters On Jan. 03, 2010
don't really like the game actually =(
Play Take Something Literally Take Something Literally Oct. 14, 2009
First! Second! Third!
Play Crush the Castle Crush the Castle May. 07, 2009
Sorry Alienflash but its possible
Play Death Dice Overdose Death Dice Overdose Feb. 09, 2009
Red it's more like he is saying guns are bad, use sticks...
Play Tourist Trap Tourist Trap Jan. 10, 2009
Hmmm this concept has already been done, it ads nothing new... :(
Play save Israel save Israel Jan. 08, 2009
Flagged, use an other theme next time...
Play Achievement Unlocked Achievement Unlocked Dec. 18, 2008
Play SHIFT 3 SHIFT 3 Oct. 27, 2008
Play loops of zen loops of zen Sep. 30, 2008
I love it, We want more! :D
Play Nano War Nano War May. 19, 2008
5/5 only problem is the slow game play XD
Play Kongai Kongai May. 19, 2008
oh nvm :P its a pretty good attack
Play Kongai Kongai May. 19, 2008
Maybe Shadow Wrath should be balanced (skill of Amaya) it cost 45 energy, it does 12 shadow damage [short/long range] It has a speed of 2 >.> and it attacks all enemies????
Play Kongai Kongai May. 19, 2008
Ok so we all agree on the 'change-starter-card-option' :D I would say: 'Make it so'.
Play Kongai Kongai May. 18, 2008
Maybe put in an option to change the starter cards?