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Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Feb. 15, 2015
@THESUSPENSE There is a shop every 10 floors
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jan. 04, 2015
I really wished it would tell me if I have all the parts of the costume for the enemy, instead of me have to constantly check and remember.
Play The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses Feb. 22, 2014
I had the same problem as TheHighscore, while in the fog I listened for the crows and still got lost.
Play Valthirian Arc 2 Valthirian Arc 2 Jan. 01, 2014
Why is it that traits like 'Brave' says "Get more Physical per level" but usually Phy is the lowest stat, same with traits that reduce the stats like 'Hot-Headed'?
Play Canabalt Canabalt Nov. 28, 2013
BEST. RUNNING. GAME. PLATFORM. EVER. If people still haven't figured out what the goal is, to hit every crate/chair you see.
Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Nov. 25, 2013
Play Magnetized Magnetized Apr. 27, 2013
RAGE!!!! This was almost a perfect game, it WAS fun and challenging. But then level 57... WT* was that? I would of gave this a 4 maybe even 5 star (I do not hand those out very much mind you), but because this game built all the way to level 57, and I do not even want to think what 58-60 would be if correct difficultly scaling occurs, I have to give this 2 stars. Nothing worse than a bad ending, EXCEPT for a unreachable ending. Almost guaranteed this game would be averaging 4.2-4.5 stars if it wasn't for 57.
Play Hands of War 3 Hands of War 3 Apr. 11, 2013
Honestly, still too many bugs to even consider this out of beta. Even time I try to resume from a save I am missing something. One time all my items, next time my location, another time my progress, but most of the time all the above. Its a shame, could have at least continued to be on par as the last games. Although those felt much more polished.
Play Bubble Sky Bubble Sky Mar. 04, 2013
For those that are not psychic, every miss (any shot that does not result it something blowing up, including shooting before last shot blows up) loses a balloon counter at the top (lives?) which will add a bunch of bubbles to the group. You lose when you get too many??? My advise, take it slow and wait after each shot, there doesn't seem to be a counter.
Play Shadow Snake 3 Shadow Snake 3 Mar. 01, 2013
Great twist to the game, started off fun but quickly became very difficult. Upgrades not carrying forward, very ridiculous to avoid with a long snake, just too difficult too fast.
Play Renegade Racing Renegade Racing Feb. 22, 2013
WTF happening to racing, its not calling STUNTING!!!!
Play Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed Dec. 08, 2012
@flowflowz DPS does not lie, it is just the total damage per second if all your hits hit. So things that do spread may feel weaker since your spreading your total damage across multiple enemies, therefore taking longer to kill a single target, where as meteor does high damage per hit to the single target.
Play Bot Arena 3 Bot Arena 3 Dec. 07, 2012
is there a point of making a new game if you didn't improve the ai?
Play They Took Our Candy They Took Our Candy Nov. 03, 2012
lol at wave 19 on survival
Play Cargo Bridge 2 Cargo Bridge 2 Oct. 08, 2012
After signing in after I already completed levels, resets my progress =(
Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Aug. 28, 2012
A progress indicator would be nice...
Play Relic Of War Relic Of War Aug. 28, 2012
Hmm... seems impossible to win the last allied mission w/o support on hard, maxed everything that mattered and can't even handle the normal squads let alone the heroes. Maybe the premium content is required?
Play Blocks Blocks Aug. 20, 2012
100 too many levels...
Play Super Adventure Pals Super Adventure Pals Aug. 14, 2012
Anyone else having problems when entering in your name after completing a level? When I type S, it fills in with a non-printable character, yet it still fills up the character limit
Play Card Monsters Card Monsters Aug. 03, 2012
Auto should at least attack using cards on the field...