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Play Nano War Nano War Feb. 04, 2009
you know I really enjoyed this game.
Play Two Rooms Two Rooms Jan. 30, 2009
your drawings made me smile. :)
Play loops of zen loops of zen Jan. 30, 2009
It's not that hard, really, once you figure out the formula. Begin with the outer edge, and start with there. begin with pieces that you know HAVE to be a certain direction, such as the + symbols. Fill those in first because there is only one solution. Don't be afraid to mess up the progress that you have by trying out new formations. Have fun!
Play Whiteboard Tower Defense Whiteboard Tower Defense Jan. 25, 2009
HELL YEAH! Finally got my Teflon Terrorist Badge!!!! YEAH! with one life remaining! Great fun, great fun :)
Play Scriball Scriball Jan. 24, 2009
sometimes the ball falls through the line. :( also it can pass upwards through it. what is up with that?
Play Charger Escape Charger Escape Jan. 23, 2009
Stolen from
Play Moglin Punter Moglin Punter Jan. 22, 2009
adventurequest is soooo bad. this is lovely.
Play Pootris Pootris Jan. 22, 2009
really hard to control the rotation of the blocks.
Play Sap Refinery Sap Refinery Jan. 22, 2009
the elf looks kind of mentally challenged.
Play Finding Milk For Ur Baby Finding Milk For Ur Baby Jan. 22, 2009
Play Simone Dress Up Simone Dress Up Jan. 22, 2009
how is this a puzzle?
Play Scriball Scriball Jan. 21, 2009
this wont even load for me. lame
Play Bubbles 2 Bubbles 2 Jan. 05, 2009
Play ABE! ABE! Jan. 04, 2009
kkind of offensive.
Play the Aviator the Aviator Jan. 04, 2009
I think it has really cute graphics. They are so adorable! the boom sound was WAY too loud and unpleasant though. I kind of liked the kiddyish cartoon quality to the scrolling backgrond.
Play Epic shooter Epic shooter Jan. 04, 2009
cute ship design, although I doubt you drew it yourself. :( for shame.
Play Blood Spash Demo Blood Spash Demo Jan. 04, 2009
Play Bacterial Control Bacterial Control Jan. 04, 2009
Play Ambrosial Ambrosial Jan. 04, 2009
super lame.
Play Press Right Press Right Jan. 03, 2009
WOW i'm the best! I'm so talented!