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Play Ring Pass Not 2 Ring Pass Not 2 Feb. 09, 2010
The bug on lvl 3 is fixed - thanks a lot for letting us know about it! We hope you didn't lose many bonus-tools in the meantime :)
Play Ring Pass Not 2 Ring Pass Not 2 Feb. 05, 2010
@kaiwano - the music is our original track, and indeed it's from Ring Pass Not 1 with a few improvements.. :) @Guinevir - Thanks! We'll check&fix.
Play Ring Pass Not Ring Pass Not Nov. 23, 2008
To all those who shouted asking about Ring Pass Not 2 – we're working hard on a premium version. We hope it's done in a month or two. It's not very different from the current RPN besides being higher in production values, and also we tried to answer most of your requests regarding undo options, tutorial, save etc. We are however also working on a second chapter in the series called Stella – taming the dragon part II (or Stella Drakonis – haven't quite decided yet, what do you think?). Stella will be out sooner, hopefully in a few weeks. We've made it a mini game first, to test the new gameplay elements and to hear what you all think about them.
Play Ring Pass Not Ring Pass Not Jun. 21, 2007
Thanks everyone, for all your comments! It helps us a lot. Saving the game is a bit of a problem that we keep asking ourselves about. The first levels are not something that experienced players should skip. These are the levels that allow you to collect as many bonus tools as you can for later use, when the rings become harder. So starting at level 21 with no bonus tools at all is quite useless even for excellent players. The Fire Sorcerers Rings will be impossible to complete witout many bonus tools. on the other hand, letting a player save a game will result in a very short experience where the best collection of tools is saved in each level. Not much of a challenge there... So instead of using saves or codes we designed RPN so that the first levels become a different challenge - one of creating as many special sets as you can. Still, we are testing this solution, and will love to hear any other idea or comment you have for us.
Play Ring Pass Not Ring Pass Not Jun. 19, 2007
To Kyriva: All the levels are possible, so don't give up! You're right about the white screen and it will be taken care of. Thank you for commenting.