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Play Codardo Bastardo Codardo Bastardo Dec. 27, 2011
timeless masterpiece. Also extremely polished game design.
Developer response from PaoloT


Play Fotonica Fotonica Oct. 19, 2011
Hello there! Just wanted to tell you that the game is available on DESURA (for pc Win) and MAC APP STORE. Enjoy.
Play Fotonica Fotonica Sep. 09, 2011
OST available!
Play Fotonica Fotonica Jul. 17, 2011
Hey guy the complete downloadable game is finally available as PAY WHAT YOU WANT at! We also updated the demo with a lot of improvements in control/music/graphics, hope you like it :D
Play Fotonica Fotonica May. 31, 2011
Hello people! We will soon start a closed beta of the standalone game for Mac and Win! 3 more levels + local multiplayer and cross-platform online rankings. The players that have run a total distance of 1.000.000 or more here on kong by the time we launch will have access to the beta. Otherwise for a chance to join follow us on twitter and tweet that you are up for some testing :D
Play Cathode Rays Cathode Rays Apr. 19, 2011
extremely good no-button mechanics + excellent level design!
Play Fotonica Fotonica Mar. 12, 2011
100.000 PLAYS! Thank you! Let's celebrate: FOTONICA will soon be available as a standalone download - supporting full screen and new features! please follow our news blog and our tweets @santaragione Thank you everybody for playing Fotonica!
Play Fotonica Fotonica Feb. 11, 2011
This week you can vote for Fotonica on if you wish! Thanks everyone and congratulations to [GRINDIE] for reaching 1000 Dots!
Play Antimatiere Antimatiere Feb. 05, 2011
Amazing! Mad props from another unity developer!
Play Fotonica Fotonica Jan. 31, 2011
YEAH! 70.000 plays! thank you! Have you guys tried to play using the left mouse button? The game should be more responsive as some keyboards have a slight delay registering the "key up" status. Give it a try!
Play Fotonica Fotonica Jan. 21, 2011
Hello people, If you can't see the game properly maybe it's because your graphic card does not support the shaders used in Fotonica :( Try setting quality to "low" in the options, if you still wish to try the game. Also in the options and on level screen you can change the difficulty settings, if you find the game to be too hard! Thanks everyone for playing!
Play Fotonica Fotonica Jan. 18, 2011
@hatman Dots (the spheres that shatter) give you a score boost! also depending on each section of the level you may or may not be able get back to the top level: but being the top isn't always the best route. Thank you for playing!
Play Fotonica Fotonica Jan. 17, 2011
@Synapsis85 thank you for your comment! I suggest, if you'd like, to try again with an easier difficulty setting. Also try to let go 4 o 5 meters before the hole.