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    Southern Hemisphere somewhere.
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    Mar. 31, 2008
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Game over. Level complete. Fin.

The Three Line Thang: Sloths are slothful. If you post four consecutive chat entries before another user speaks you may be beaten with a wet noodle and teased mercilessly depending on Mod discretion.

Sarsy of the Smexy Hat

Sarsy of the Pleasant Phone Voice




“Better nerd”.




Economics student, interest in languages.

Currently speak: Australian English, a little German, a lot of Latin, a moderate amount of Quenya.

Profile pic provided by the kindness of DarianWulfbane.

190Cards earnt

Easy badges: 47 left (685 of 732 = 93.58%)

Medium badges: 178 left (835 of 1013 = 82.43%)

Hard badges: 182 left (419 of 601 = 69.72%)

Impossible badges: 27 left (20 of 47 = 42.55%)

Overall: 434 left (1959 of 2393 = 81.86%)

Badge only points: 29720 (77.366% of Total Points Earnt) = Badge only points level: 60

Rating only points: 90 (0.234%)

Special Challenges (Includes Badge of the Day) and Bonus Points: 7840 (20.409%)

Joining Bonus points: 15 (0.039%)

Medals only points: 750 (1.952%)

Disclaimer: Percentages may not add up to 100%, due to rounding.

Goal: 95% of all Kong badges. College internet, despite it being amazingly fast, has many problems with connecting to chat, which is what I need to submit badges. Since this is a problem, my badge achieving will suffer accordingly. Which it is doing so. Very dramatically.

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