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Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Sep. 22, 2011
I only wish I had more time to play, because this game is awesomesauce.
Play Value Value Sep. 10, 2010
I think it would work slightly better if the text just appeared on screen at the same time you got to a new screen without pausing the action, but I really liked it. Cute, concise commentary on lode-runner style games. Of course I chose to escape the first time, but I lolled at the other ending too. 5/5
Play Vegetable Game Vegetable Game Jul. 01, 2010
If you beat a guy with all 3 lives left, you can select to start at that level!
Play Pixel Legions Pixel Legions May. 21, 2010
I've been a fan of this game since Beta ;) It's the best implementation of a simplified RTS concept since Phage Wars.
Play Contentric Contentric May. 20, 2010
Great use of purely-abstract gameplay! I love that you can choose to play cautiously, or try to weave through the black squares. It makes foe an excellent risk/reward system.
Play Passage in 10 seconds Passage in 10 seconds Apr. 19, 2010
Someone show this game to Roger Ebert!
Play ImmorTall ImmorTall Feb. 25, 2010
:monaclepop: Now this... is... art! ;)
Play Passage in 10 seconds Passage in 10 seconds Feb. 24, 2010
I humbly request this game get a 5 pt badge =)
Play Passage in 10 seconds Passage in 10 seconds Feb. 21, 2010
Play VVVVVV Demo VVVVVV Demo Feb. 20, 2010
The full version doesn't have lives. I died over 1000 times beating it and getting all the extras, and it was awesome.
Play Starfall: Survivor Starfall: Survivor Jan. 28, 2010
Play Reclamation Reclamation Jan. 18, 2010
Fun! I love the art!
Play VVVVVV Demo VVVVVV Demo Jan. 10, 2010
This is probably the most important game of 2010!
Play Level Editor Level Editor Nov. 13, 2009
Great game, but I'm not a huge fan of the twangy music. =P Great concept, well executed and well polished!
Play Get Your Gear On Get Your Gear On Oct. 26, 2009
You can buy a bike pump in the game to improve your steering.
Play cronusX cronusX Aug. 16, 2009
This game is epic.
Play Gray Gray Aug. 06, 2009
Kongregans don't get art games. This is one of my favorites.
Play You Only Live Once You Only Live Once Jul. 31, 2009
Interesting that a "joke" game like You have to burn the rope are popular, while raitendo's last 2 "joke" games (this and Free Will) are hated by so many people. The difference? YHTBTR was very easy, and Raitendo's games are hard/impossible on purpose. Conclusion: People are whiners ;P
Play You Only Live Once You Only Live Once Jul. 31, 2009
It's amazing how many people can fail to get this game. Who cares if you can't play again? You've all played Mario, you're not missing anything. The point of the game is to see what it would be like if a Mario game had to play be real world rules!
Play Crunchball 3000 Crunchball 3000 Jul. 23, 2009
I don't usually like football or soccer but I enjoyed this game.